Kia in your hands. Get ‘Hands-On’ with test driving February 1st, 2017


Test driving is a crucial part of the car buying process but is one that many customers forego due to the often complicated and time consuming procedure. To ensure that every potential customer gets a chance to test out our cars, Kia has developed a new mobile optimized webpage for booking a test drive!




Kia’s ‘Hands-On’ campaign now eliminates all the hassles of a conventional test drive, offering a streamlined and straightforward system that caters to the convenience and leisure of potential customers.


With Kia Hands-On, you have complete freedom to access your favorite Kia vehicles when you want!
To schedule your test drive, all you have to do is pick up your smartphone and log on to the website.

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Posted by Kia Motors Philippines on Sunday, January 8, 2017


With our quick and easy digital solution, our goal is to get even casually interested customers behind the wheel to test out the quality of our vehicles. The ‘Hands-On’ webpage is jam packed with features that assist users through the test drive process. In addition to allowing customers to book test drives, the app also provides a virtual studio section to explore the full features of Kia models for research prior to the drive.


Imagine your dream car, create it in seconds. Simulate all options on your digital display.

Posted by KIA Motors South Africa on Wednesday, November 30, 2016



Perhaps the greatest advantage of the ‘Hands-On’ solution is that users are able to schedule a test drive according to their own schedules. Once a test drive has been booked, the webpage transforms into a makeshift key, allowing customers to access the test drive vehicles.


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To promote this new technology, Kia has launched a campaign on social media channels to provide trailers and tutorials that feature a friendly character named Mr. Handsman. The quick and easy tutorials provide a comprehensive explanation of the various ways users can now access and explore Kia through their smartphones.


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Posted by KIA Motors South Africa on Thursday, November 10, 2016


Currently, trials of the ‘Hands-On’ solution are being run by six showrooms throughout South Africa and the Philippines and a stream of users have already praised the convenience and innovative design of the new webpage. With this initial success, we believe that ‘Hands-On’ has the potential to go global further down the line.

By eliminating the bothersome hurdles of test drives, Kia is redefining the test drive experience and, as a result, the overall customer purchasing experience.