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Kia KOUP and 2009 Optima make world debuts at New York International Auto Show March 21st, 2008

By Amy Taylor
Public Relations Manager, Kia Motors America


It was the story we promised and it is the story we delivered today at the New York International Auto Show when the 2009 Optima facelift and the KOUP concept vehicle made their world debuts.

Tom Kearns and Alex Fedorak with the 2009 Optima in the background

On sale in early fall, the refreshed Optima offers a completely modified exterior, which offers a more aggressive, dynamic style than previous models, and is outfitted with a new engine that provides more power and better fuel economy.  For 2009, Optima also is larger than its predecessors, which complements its distinctive new styling and separates itself from other vehicles in the growing midsize segment.

World debut of the Kia KOUP

Alex Fedorak, director of public relations at Kia Motors America and KMA Chief Design Officer Tom Kearns introduced the KOUP during a discussion about Kia design.  Combining youthful exuberance with a sporty and sleek design the KOUP concept illustrates the shape and evolution of future Kia vehicles. The simple yet bold and aggressive KOUP exterior is complemented by its realistic and sleek interior design.  Originating from the Kia Motors America Design Center in Irvine, Calif., the KOUP concept embodies Kia’s philosophy of “Exciting and Enabling” with its balanced proportions and fluid design set to evoke an emotional driving experience.

It has been a great auto show season for Kia Motors America.  We started the season with our new auto show stand introduction and the North American debut of KND-4 in Los Angeles.  In Detroit, NBA legends joined us for the world debut of the 2009 Borrego.  Finally, we put the punctuation on the season with the 2009 Optima and the amazing KOUP concept!  Just wait until next season!

  • titandan

    Sorry, but the optima looks extremely boring… Zzzz…..

    The Koup on the other hand is like a civic on steroids! I love it!

    Good job with the Koup!

  • The KOUP looks amazing! With 392Nm of torque that beats the proposed torque output of the Dodge Challenger 2.0L engine! I hope this makes it to production, and ends up EVEN better. The cee’d looked good in concept but the production model became more boring. The KOUP is the way to go and get into the hearts and minds of customers, and to hit Toyota/Honda/Mitsubishi where it hurts.

  • Right on. The Koup design and other vehicles presented this year at the auto shows are what will take KIA to the next level. I hope to see cars like these in showrooms sooner than later. Keep it up Kia!

  • kiadude

    Saw the KOUP at the Exit Gallery and couldn’t get enough of it. I suspect that the guardians got tired of me trying to sneek peeks.

  • Haniotis george

    i think KIA have very very good picture in athens(greece) and the cars always going better in sales.
    keep it that way

    salesman from athens.

  • When is the KOUP going to be produced? We need to see some ‘Insider’s Voice’ for the KOUP development. Can it topple icons like the VW Golf GTi and Honda Civic Type-R? Kia please don’t downgrade or make the KOUP a ‘Type-B’ (B for boring)!!

  • BikerVoodoo, make sure to visit our blog tomorrow, for there will be a posting on the KOUP, which should answer some of your questions.

  • shawn

    man i loved the koup….. sweet.. I hope they put it into production Asap.

  • Don Lim

    I was amazed by Koup….
    Can wait to get it on the road once its out in SG…..

  • Colin

    Hi Don Lim,

    I had a chance to drive the Cerato Koup, and it was all fun : )
    I hope you too have the exciting ride.


  • Kiesling

    cool picxxs