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Kia Motor’s color popularity research through three most-loved models May 4th, 2011


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Do you remember the excitement of getting your very first car? After deciding which car to purchase, some of you may have spent a few extra days to make a decision on the perfect color.

Cars and their colors have interested consumers for almost a century now. They are even immortalized in songs like “Little Red Corvette” and “Pink Cadillac” and are driven into our psyche by pop culture. E.g. Can you imagine Batman driving an ORANGE Batmobile?

So what color do our customers from around the world love most? KiaBuzz studied the three most popular Kia models: Soul, Forte and Optima, and the colors they are most popular in. (Source: Kia Motors Global Ordering, 2010)

According to this study, achromatic-colors such as black, white and silver were equally preferred in all three models (see below).

Some say the vehicle you drive is an extension of your personality. According to color psychology, this also holds true with the color you select for your vehicle.

In this respect, it is noteworthy that red, a vibrant color, was included in the top three color choices in the purchase of a Soul. This may signify that the Soul’s unique and sporty design led buyers to select a color with a similar message.

It is also interesting that the popular color choices for Kia Motors is following the global trend, found by DuPont’s 2010 Automotive Color Popularity Report.

The color of the car that we drive could be a statement about who we are (or perhaps who we would like to believe we are!).

What color is your Kia?


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  • Speaking of color will the base Soul in the US only come in Black Silver or White? Just curious very excited for the 1.6L GDI engine for the US should be an excellent pairing with the Soul. Very cool article though!

  • JG

    Corsa Blue on my Forte Koup!

  • Clarerichards9

    My car is a Kia Picanto and it is orange!

  • Dale

    My wife and I both own Kias. She owns a Shadow ( metallic black ) Soul Basic model with black interior, and I own a Black Ebony Forte LX with a Black/Stone interior.

  • Great Study about colors of cars

  • Carlos Guinle

    MKB, My Kia is Black! I have a Sportage and its’ perfect!!

  • Eng Ahmed_magdy

    titanium silver is the best

  • Eljorgeandres

    I´m owner of a Black Picanto… Is elegant and I love it, but is hard to keep it clean :) Black car needs the car wash at least once a week and some polish work to remove some scratches.. Next car: Silver or gray.

  • Willieverona

    My car is a red Carens. Good drive

  • Trainer1366

    2011 Optima EX- Dark Cherry- I LOVE THIS COLOR!!!!!
    2004 Optima EX- Pearl White- liked it

  • Gales

     my car is a KIA Picanto COSMO and it is Titanium Silver

  • KiaFan

    It is advisable to perform more scientific research but some predisposing factors should be carefully considered as well. For instance, the source of data was claimed to be from Global Ordering which might be interfered by the preference of some individual dealers but not the customers. Some dealers might have restricted the choices due to some kind of unscrupulous manipulation or else. Personally I got experience like that. In this way, the so-called more popular but monotonous options would be boosted but the other available choices would be artificially suppressed. This is really contradictory to a society emphasizing diversity nowadays! Above all, it is also desirable in a democratic society to respect and protect the honourable minorities!

  • Khairul Alias

    Mine is whitey Forte. But i believe it is unfair. As a lot of my frens who owned forte have no choice to take other color even though they wanted clear white as there is no stock available. If they want to wait for the clear white stock to arrive, they have to wait for longer time.