Kia Motors’ PPL means success for TV dramas December 13th, 2010

Have you ever called to order pizza after watching your favorite character eat pizza on TV? It may be a coincidence, or it could be the outcome of indirect advertising by a pizza maker.

This kind of indirect advertising is often referred to as product placement (PPL).

There are many instances in which PPL created a top selling item in overseas markets. A good example is the surge in sales of Hershey chocolates after E.T. savored the chocolate in the movie.

Recently, PPL fever has been sweeping through the Korean automobile industry. And Kia is at the heart of this trend. More than just product placement, however, we want our car to be very much a part of the action.

Let’s look at a scene from the popular Korean drama “Iris”.

Iris is a prominent example of PPL that propelled our auto company into the world of indirect advertising in 2009.

Kia’s input is reflected in Iris from its creation to post-production editing stages. Iris was a big hit in Korea thanks to its striking imagery and exciting storyline, which our Cadenza (known as K7 in Korea) was a part of.

Kia Motors unveiled the Cadenza model through Iris, the first such move for a Korean automaker. Based on cooperation with the Iris production team, the public got a chance to see an actual image of the Cadenza’s exterior which was previously shown only through rendering images or spyshots. Exposure via Iris helped catapult Cadenza to the No.1 spot in Korea’s large car segment since its launch.

And there’s more to Kia Motors’ new challenge.

Kia’s Sportage appeared in the drama “Cinderella’s Sister.”

I was particularly interested in this show because I was in charge of launching Sportage. Starring two of the most popular young stars, Cheon Jeong-myeong and Mun Geun-yeong, Cinderella’s Sister got the highest viewer rating in its time slot and received the media spotlight. The original soundtrack was also a huge hit.

As Cinderella’s Sister topped the OST chart, the music video of the title song also gained wide popularity. And with exposure through Cinderella’s Sister, Sportage seized the top spot in its segment.

The sequel to Iris, “Athena: Goddess of War”, will start airing on December 13. Filming took place in various locations including Italy, New Zealand, Hawaii and Japan. Getting the vehicle to these places was a demanding task and with even greater support for the sequel, Kia has bigger hopes for PPL in Athena: Goddess of War.

“Kia Motors’ PPL means success for TV dramas.” I have heard such comments quite often recently. Is Athena: Goddess of War also on the way to becoming a big hit? Take a look at the preview and see for yourself. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

  • I can not speak after i saw these videos.
    Amazing Indirect Commercial TVC.
    Perfect Idea to differentiate in market.
    Kia Motors will hit and make a boom in Car Market.bye bye Toyota,GM,Nissan.

  • Good stuff, grant. I’ve heard some similar stories of people having their blogs yanked down after they had invested a lot of time into creating content for them. This is great information for someone who is thinking about getting started with their own blog.

  • Greg

    Ok, Kia. Time to do that in the US market! I know that Desperate Housewives has used Kia vehicles in background shots in the past, but nothing recently. I think the most recent Kia I saw on a TV show was a silver Borrego.

  • Susan Liang`

    I want to know the name of Song Eun Jo’s white car in Cinderella’s Sister.