Kia Motors 2009 Sustainability Magazine “MOVE” May 29th, 2009

Kyehwan RohBy Kye-hwan Roh
Sustainability Management Team

What’s the difference?
Kia Motors 2009 Sustainability Magazine “MOVE”

Many companies and organizations publish reports and magazines. However, these publications often fail to serve their purpose of conveying information – especially if nobody reads them!

Kia Motors’ 2009 sustainability report was produced using an easy-to-read magazine format. Along with interesting contents, the report features design elements to grab the reader’s attention while technical terms are expressed in a way that is easy to understand. Diagrams replace monotonous tables packed with numbers while illustrations make the report more reader-friendly.

The 2009 sustainability magazine introduces Kia’s design management in an interview with our Chief Design Officer, Peter Schreyer.


Another eye-catching feature is the use of photos to tell the story of Kia’s social contributions around the world.


In fact, such reports are not that common worldwide.  This magazine format shows how Kia Motors is pursuing excellence in design.


Kia Motors began issuing its annual sustainability report in 2003. Starting with this year’s edition, the report is being published under the name “MOVE” which represents Kia’s commitment of positive change through automobiles. To download  PDF version of Kia’s sustainability magazine “MOVE”, click on the link below:

Happy reading!

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  • I know for sure that Kia Motors also undertakes social contribution by participating in micro-finance efforts for poor countries to boost overall possessions.