Kia Motors Azerbaijan caught a fever! Olympic fever, that is! October 15th, 2008

By Vugar Isgandarov
Head of PR, Marketing and Advertising Department
Kia Motors Azerbaijan

Kia Motors Azerbaijan has always contributed to the prosperity and development of sports in Azerbaijan.  We have repeatedly sponsored different kinds of sports tournaments and rewarded winners with prizes and cars.

Kia Motors couldn’t stand on the sidelines when it came to the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games, an important international competition.  When they began, we got Olympic Fever and declared that we would give a Kia Rio to the first winner to get a gold medal for Azerbaijan.

Now, with the excitement of the Beijing Olympics behind us, we are happy to announce that we lived up to our end of the bargain.  The first and only gold medalist from Azerbaijan for these Summer Games is known to everybody locally:  Elnur Mammadly, a Judoist at 74 kg, proudly representing the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Ending with complete victory ahead of time in the five alotted fights (less than five minutes per round), it took Elnur less than five minutes in most of his competitions to end each match!  To win the gold medal in his final fight, it took our sportsman only 13 seconds.  For such a grandiose victory on September 3rd, 2008, Kia Motors Azerbaijan decided to present him with a Kia Sportage instead of the promised Kia Rio, a slightly bigger upgrade for our upgraded winner!


Presentation of the car was carried out in the showroom of Kia Motors Azerbaijan with the participation of leading Azerbaijani media companies and mass media.  The President of Kia Motors Azerbaijan, Mr. Faiq Safarov, who took part in the event, wished all the sportsmen of Azerbaijan good luck and declared that Kia Motors Azerbaijan will provide support to the sports sphere of Azerbaijan in the future.  As such, Kia Motors Azerbaijan granted free service and warranty for the gifted Kia Sportage as an extra gift to the Olympic champion until the 2012 Summer Olympic Games which will be held in London, England.


§ Congratulations to all the 2008 Summer Olympic athletes from Kia Motors and the Kia BUZZ! §

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  • I don’t agree with everything in this blog, but you do make some very good points.