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Kia Motors Facebook #ColorYourLife Campaign July 30th, 2013

There are many factors to consider when you decide on which car to get such as brands, sizes, models, prices, etc… One of the most important factors of course would be its exterior, especially the color. We’ve heard that the color of your color can reveal a great deal about yourself. That’s why Kia pays close attention when selecting colors for vehicles, so you can express yourself to the fullest.

With that being said, Kia Motors Facebook has been running a #ColorYourLife campaign, highlighting Kia’s car hues that are both bold and elegant to meet your style needs. Let’s take a look.

Soak up the sun. #ColorYourLife

Here’s a Sorento in a “Remington Red” color, which really soaks up that vanilla sky like sunset. A red color car can imply a lot of things about its driver such as being spicy, speedy, energetic and dynamic.

Turn your life into a stage. #ColorYourLife

Taking the center stage is the Rio in “Clear White”. Driving a white car can mean you’re truthful, outgoing, generous, detailed and sometimes even fussy.

Turn your life into a piece of art. #ColorYourLife

Featured above is a luxurious Cadenza in “Satin Metal.” A silver car can imply you’re elegant, futuristic, calm and self-assured.

Stay Brown. Stay Classy. #ColorYourLife

This classy Rio in color “Chestnut” can mean the driver is wholesome, traditional, stable and practical.

Go Green. Go Forward. #ColorYourLife

This vibrant Picanto is in color called “Lemongrass”. Green cars can mean you’re very confident, positive and trustworthy. And some say drivers of green cars can be prone to mood swings! Do our green color drivers out there think that’s true?

Was your car color featured above? Did you agree with what your car color says about you? If we haven’t covered your car color, drop us a comment of your car color below!

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