Kia Motors Sustainability Magazine 2010 “MOVE” wins < Vision Awards > July 23rd, 2010

Hyun-Jin ChoBy Hyun-Jin Cho
Sustainability Management Team

Kia Motors Sustainability Magazine 2010 “MOVE” wins Platinum at the ‘Vision Awards’ in the US.

Kia Motors Sustainability Magazine 2010 “MOVE” has won the Platinum Award in the Sustainability Report category of the 2009 Vision Awards, hosted by the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP) based in San Diego, California.

The Vision Awards are recognized as the most prestigious international annual report competition along with the ARC Awards. Some 4,000 entries from 25 countries were submitted to the 2009 Vision Awards, a figure that included 36.5% of companies on the Forbes Global 2000 list.

The Vision Awards are presented in a total of 30 categories (28 for annual reports by industry, best corporate responsibility report and best sustainability report). Kia Motors won the top prize in the sustainability report category and placed ninth overall among 4,000 submissions (no.1 among companies in Asia-Pacific region).

“MOVE”, which stands for Kia Motors’ movement toward bringing about positive change in the world, is the new name of the company’s sustainability report.

The 2010 report is Kia Motors’ eighth annual sustainability report and illustrates our economic, environmental and social management achievements and vision under the theme of “Moving Forward Responsibly.” Through MOVE, the company aims to share with stakeholders its stance on related opportunities and challenges, as well as efforts to fulfill its responsibilities.

Click on the below link to access “MOVE” and learn more about this posting and Kia Motors.

Click here to download ‘MOVE’

In closing, here are some evaluation comments made by the judging staff of 2009 Vision Awards.
“This year’s annual report for Kia Motors proves to be remarkable in light of tremendous competition,” said Christine Kennedy, LACP Managing Director.
“More than 4,000 entries were received for the 2009 Vision Awards, comprising submissions from more than 25 countries.”
“Overall, we find this work to be outstanding, earning a total score of 99 out of a maximum 100points awarded in this competition. The first impression presented by this annual report is excellent while the cover and Letter to Shareholders are both outstanding. The work is supported by a robust financials section that we believe is outstanding.”
“The level of creativity exhibited in the report judged by for Kia Motors is outstanding, which is supported by outstanding clarity in communicating this year’s key messages. It should also be noted that accessibility to key information sought by readers is outstanding.”
“In Summary, we congratulate the entire team involved with this year’s work. We classify this entry as being among the best annual reports within its industry this year.”

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