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Kia’s New Design Direction Revealed at Frankfurt August 24th, 2011

Powerful, dynamic, and forward-looking.

These are three words that anyone of us would like our car to be associated with. Kia presented a concept car, rear-wheel drive four-door sports sedan that successfully encompasses those three words at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Kia’s new concept car shows seamless integration of muscular proportions with stylish sleekness as well as feminine and elegant four seater cockpit.

Peter Schreyer, Kia Motors Chief Design Officer commented proudly, “No matter from which perspective you look at it, this concept car is roaring with energy and ready for take-off.”

He also said Kia is ready to move forward on all new chapter, that the car signifies a strong statement from Kia.

Kia has been reaping awards for its design in the past few years, including the red dot award and the iF award for the Optima and Sportage.

Check out pictures of the four-door sports sedan concept car and tell us if you think it’s another winner for Kia.

Kia BUZZ editor Colin Jang will visit the Frankfurt Motor Show and post motor show’s photos and atmosphere. Stay tuned!

  • KickSide

    This is Definitely a winner for Kia! My vote is for this to be avail with both a 3.8 V6 and 4.6 V8 but updated from out current Kia engines to provide more HP/Torque and better fuel efficiency. A 6 speed manual transmission is a must and would love to see this not only as RWD but as an AWD option. The other option would be for a 3.0 L v6 and piggy back a 140 Hp Electric motor so it would be a powerful hybrid like the new Nissan GT-R concept. Kia has the power to make this a home run flagship Kia…….Go KIA!!!!

  • Gary

    The rear looks boring and big enough to show movies on, the front grill came out of something in the 1950’s, the headlighs remnd me of something from a 50’s BMW, the intakes off an LF-A, the side windows are off the new Optima, the black along the rocker panel is backwards…..but I do like the Rims, have one of those on my house fan!

    Vehicle does not look cohesive, or have any quality that says classy or would motivate me to buy another KIA.

  • Brian J

    Very nice…very nice indeed…This is definitely a beauty…The outside is just G-R-E-A-T~!!! ^v^d

  • yasser

     Its very bad if KIA doesn’t consider a production car of it .
    they need smaller size than K9 which will benefit from sharing same drive train ,
    i am waiting for Hyundai to make something smaller than the genesis ( 3 series competitor ) and if kia do it before i will definitely buy it ( i have kia opirus )
    we want small rear wheel drive car which is fun to drive . 

  • SM SN

    i want to work with KIA…….LOVELY CARS

  • Shahibullah AMN

    i am a KIA USER……2003 until today….v6@2.5cc……kia the best……