Kia new Global Space Identity flagship dealer opened in China August 4th, 2011

July 25, 2011, a Kia flagship dealer using the new Kia Global Space Identity (Global SI) was opened in Nanjing city of China, which is the world’s largest new SI dealer of Kia so far.

The Global SI of Kia Motors Corporation is the global standard on all the Kia dealership’s facilities, which is designed to provide a consistent Look & Feel of the Kia brand to our customers who visit any Kia dealer. We adopted the Global SI to make our dealers’ appearance and layout more memorable and appealing in the eyes of our customers, while aiming to enhance our brand awareness and familiarity, thereby further improving customer’s perception of the Kia brand across all the world. As a result, Red Cube, harmony of ellipse and wow space is the core design element developed for Kia dealerships.

The flagship dealer is located in Nanjing City of eastern China, covers an area of 12,020 square meters, including 2,030 square meters showroom and 2,060 square meters workshop.