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Kia Ray gets a festive makeover November 11th, 2014

The Kia Ray, a vehicle that is only marketed in Kia’s home country of Korea, recently had a chance to play dress-up with some Ray drivers and fans that got a firsthand look at unique and personalized Ray vehicles on display at the second annual Ray Dress-Up Festival in Korea!

A total of 22 Ray owners who customized their own vehicles entered their cars into a contest hosted by a Kia Ray fan community site online, and fans then had a chance to vote for the top five Ray vehicles after seeing the cars on display.

In the end, the black Ray with a connected caravan, completely equipped for camping, came out on top as the Best Ray. The winner received a fuel certificate worth KRW 500,000.

Take a look below at some colorful videos of the Kia Ray in action!