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Kia Reveals All-New ‘K9’ Flagship Sedan for Korean Market February 29th, 2012

Kia revealed the first official photographs of its all-new flagship sedan — the “K9” – to be launched during the first half of this year in the Korean market.

K9 is Kia’s first rear-wheel drive sedan and will complete Kia’s domestic ‘K’ series range of passenger cars, whose members also include the front-wheel drive K5 (Optima in overseas markets) and K7 (Cadenza in overseas markets) sedans.

With its family-look radiator grille, bold LED headlamps, stable rear view with LED combination lamps, luxurious chrome garnish and bumper-integrated muffler, K9 completes the parameters for a whole new level of luxury car design.

For more images including the K9 sketches, check out our Flickr page.

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  • Kracca

    If they want a name for it, my first thought would be the Kia Karma.

  • Japiscoya52

    Es muy elegante

  • Japiscoya52

    best rating

  •  Gracias!

  •  That has an interesting ring

  • Sightland

    Ahhh, finally a BMW with KIA reliability. I want one!

  • tagir galiakberov

    KIA K9 must be named KIA ASSEMBLER I thing

  • E Major

    Heey! This vehicle should be given a name that describes the “status” of the car, company and customer. Such as “The 2013 Kia Prestige”. Please consider to look up the meaning of Prestige, read the description, study the appearance of this car and call it by that name and you will see it as a perfect match!