Kia Soul’s movie debut! October 27th, 2009

Pamela A. Munoz
By Pamela A. Munoz
Overseas Communication Team

First it was the British invasion, now it’s the French invasion?!

French filmmakers Jonas & Francois, known for directing such videos as Kanye West’s ‘Good Life,’ and Madonna and Justin Timberlake’s ‘4 Minutes,’ recently lent their talents to debuting our very own Kia Soul in its first-ever short film.

The entire film, entitled Soul Streets, can be found at and features Jonas & Francois’ signature talents while incorporating Kia Motors America’s concept for the Soul, ‘A new way to roll.’ They were given complete artistic freedom during the project and we hope you all enjoy their quirky short film featured here on the Kia BUZZ. The short is clearly inspired by 80’s cult classics, including Back to the Future and E.T..

The film was created in support of the Kia Soul Collective, a hand-selected group of today’s hottest artists, thought leaders and influencers. The program is focused around the Soul, one of the brand’s most popular, stylish and intriguing vehicles. Each member of the collective demonstrates just “how they roll” while creating original films, art, music and more.

Also below, you’ll find the making of Soul Streets which shows Jonas & Francois in action. For wannabe filmmakers and film enthusiasts, this might of extra interest to you!

After watching the films below, visit the Kia Soul Collective site for free music, iPhone and wallpaper downloads ( You can also follow The Collective and its US tour at, on Twitter ( and its official Facebook page (

  • .Interesting.

  • I LOVE my new Soul Limited (Ignition.) BUT, I REALLY wanted a Soul’ster and am greatly disappointed it looks and sounds like Kia will not be making them. Such a COOL concept and vehicle, I love the Soul’ster and was really hoping it would go into production, even if it was a limited amount. (May not be cost effective, I don’t know?) If anybody has heard anything new about them, please email me.

  • Oh, and the commercial for this Soul these guys did is Fantastic! Very creative, should be there national and world-wide commercial and stop with the hampsters!