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Kia Soul and Hamsters March 9th, 2009

By Seung-Jew Kim
Assistant Manager, Overseas Communication Team

Hello Kia Buzzers!
Let me present to you a new advertisement of the Soul from Kia Motors America — a 60-second, in-cinema ad targeted at Gen Y consumers.  Check out the music and the visual effects!  By the way, the effects works are done by Framestore London, which created the visual effects for “The Dark Knight” and “The Golden Compass.”  There will be five more variations of the spot, each with different genres of music.  Enjoy!

  • AiboPet

    Lame….it appears to show the turn signal repeaters I haven’t seen yet after looking at NO LESS THAN FIFTEEN different Soul examples spanning All four trim levels here in San Diego….and of course CA also can’t have all black windows like that :-(

  • Pamela (in Korea)

    I can’t get enough of this ad! It’s so adorable and funky… the hamster on the left is the awkward groovy one. So cute!!

  • Scott


    Maybe the LED side repeaters will be provided as an accessory for the Soul.

    Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  • Greg

    The turn signal repeaters are an accessory in the USA.

  • HyundaiSmoke

    I went to the dealership today, and the SOUL is not only a great car, but its a big car. Its as tall as a Sportage, but Rio length, since they use the same platform.

  • Pamela (in Korea)

    Rio length a big car?!? I would classify that as a small car, personally. But it is incredibly spacious inside and it’s height makes it seem bigger than it really is. I’m glad you went in to see it… the colours are spectacular, too! I want one in Tomato Red!

  • AiboPet

    Nope….Just got my Molten Sport. If it reminds me of ANY Sportage, it would be my 2001. I also have a 2005 EX and Sportage is BY FAR taller, longer and wider than Soul (without actually looking at numbers yet).

    The Sport suspension was a pleasant surprise. I thought the 18″ low profiles and stiff suspension would ride and sound like my 2007 Honda Fit Sport….NO WAY! Honda Fit sport suspension is ALOT of fun, but it is REALLY loud (road noise), and can be punishing at times. Soul Sport steering is incredibly precise, small input from the small helm….gets you IMMEDIATE response and nice if not a bit firm feedback.

    I was even able to move my HID bixenon kit over to the Soul from the 2005 Sporttage….same “H4″ halogens are stock on Soul, and nice spaces in the fenders to stash ballasts and things. There is even an access area allowing me to SEE and reach the black trim pieces. I will be searching HIGH AND LOW to find a set of signal repeaters in place of these.

    The funny little light-up speakers, although they seemed “gimmicky” at first…..I do now leave them on “solid” (no pulsating or music modulation), because they do cast a nice red glow under everything.

  • Sue

    I absolutely love the new commercial with the hampsters. Thanks for this one, it’s a winner!!

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