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Kia Soul concept promotion film September 7th, 2007

By Karl Lee
Internet/New Media Marketing Administrator

We would like to share this great animation video of Kia’s ‘Soul’ concept CUV, created by Kia’s global design headquarters in Namyang, Korea.

The Soul has a stylish, compact SUV body with a sporty, bold look that builds on design cues from the Kia Mesa concept vehicle introduced at the 2005 NAIAS.  You can expect most of the important design cues to be retained in the production model, which will launch in the global market next year.

  • Do Hyung Kim

    Hi~ I’m a student who lives in KOREA.
    I’ve NEVER watched dynamic and powerful animation video like this.
    I can’t imagine how wonderful it is.
    I will have already been waiting for the SOUL…..
    Have a fun~~

  • Patrick

    Wow. That is simply amazing! I read on USA Today that the prototype cars of the Soul are worth $500000US, so I guess its going to be one heck of a car. Watch out Scion, cos your’e gonna get your but kicked…

    Great job, Kia!!!

  • Just watched that Animation Video of SOUL Concept CUV. Great !! Soul, when produced & marketed, it should create a new sensation in the market. Keep it up guys !!

  • Ian Beavis – Vice President Marketing – Kia Motors America

    The Soul video is outstanding. It gives a great sense of the product and the vitality of the Brand. In the US there has been alot of discussion regarding exactly what is the Soul. It is not an SUV nor does it really qualify as a CUV . A great many people who has seen the concept in KMA’s lobby call it a UAV; Urban Activity Vehicle. Irrespective of how it is categorized, it has enormous potential in the US.

  • ulrike hager

    The soul could be a changeagent for Kia and how the brand is perceived and if Kia Motors would follow this urban lifestyle automobile with models like the convertible ex’ceed and the Kee, Kia could become one of the fashionista’s of the automotive industry.

  • Chance Rey

    This car will be successful in reaching the “youth oriented” market if it has 2 things going for it: 1) Full iPod/iPhone integration with song titles and playlists available onscreen and 2) bluetooth. This would go a long way in competing with Ford’s Sync system and with it’s main competitor: Scion. In surveys most kids are more interested in cell phones than cars these days, why not marry the two?


  • 7o

    It’s great~! great~!
    I’ll promise that soul is my first one.
    Plz come.come.come……

  • ulrike hager

    Now the question is, why is there no Soul at IAA, but instead there is an Opirius featured?

  • Michael Choo – International PR Manager

    Ulrike – The new Kia Kee concept was the featured vehicle at Frankfurt, along with the pro_cee’d production model. In fact, we have revealed five new concepts since the Soul. So probably the next time you will see the Soul at a major international show, it will be in its production form.

    As for the Opirus, that was just one of our entire European line-up of production vehicles on display at Frankfurt.

  • ulrike hager

    Thanks Michael, I am looking forward to see the Soul on the streets soon. Together with the Kee, which indeed was not only the star of the show, but a winner all over, The Soul and expacially the ex-ceed would make a nice little familz of cars to attracked a whole new audience including myself. P.s. the pictures on the net are unfortunately not even close to how good the car looks in reality, since it has a really cool shade of green an is featured mostly in bright yellow on the web. Everyone interesting in Kia should go to Frankfurt and see the real Kee

  • himi

    How was the Kee concept car accepted by the visitors? Are you going to continue developing new design in the way you showed with Kee or will you show even more concept cars with different design and then choose one?

  • Bernd

    Wow !
    If the Kia Soul should really be offered in Germany, I’m going to leave my current car brand (Volkswagen/VW).
    I like this innovative young design of the Soul.

    Hopefully the real Soul in 2009 will not too much differ from the Concept Soul.
    Please note: Don’t forget the mountain bikers. In my VW Touran I can transport two bikes side by side upright standing in the rear passenger compartment – of course after removing the seats of the second row.

    Looking forward to my new Kia Soul…..Bernd (Germany)

  • patrik

    Acc. to some spy shots, there have been some changes made to the Soul, such as reintroducing conventional doors plus B-pillar and, of course, usual doorframes. Still, the overall shape and cues seem to have been retained, hopefully! Could you hint a bit as to the timescales – when and which region(s) come(s) served first? And can you confirm both 2WD and 4WD versions to be marketed? Thank you.
    Slightly OT: There are two puzzling points about the Kee. Do you really mean it will come with a 2.0 V6 engine or is it a typing error in your PR stuff and the 2.7 V6 is the right answer? And, second, could you pls reveal the truth about the drivetrain – can we still believe in a RWD, or will have to live with a FWD? Many thanks.
    And – congratulations on both of them, you in Kia have been speeding up by enormous leaps over the recent years.

  • Hi himi,
    We had some very good comments from visitors at our booth in Frankfurt and also a lot of positive coverage in the media about the Kee.
    Of course, for us the Kee is like a key sketch in design, and you will see some of its form language and details in our future products.
    Show cars are something like research objects for us, designers, so we will not be tired to do some more in the future.

  • Hello Mr. Schreyer. I’d very much like to see a pro_cee’d GTi … what do you think?

  • Thank you Mr. Schreyer! Please say hello to Robert Lesnik. I heard he joiend your team not long ago! Himi from Slovenia

  • haejin Lee

    actually this is a totaly different them, but i’d like to inform to Kia employee the follows.
    i’ am living in Berlin for the moment. A couple of weeks ago i had watsched a german TV- Programm. It was about an car test. the program had compared golf from VW, Ce’ed from Kia and one modell from Hyundai. One german couple had driven all three of cars.
    Of course they were not convinced, that it is better to buy an korean car than the golf.

    in the end Ce’ed got a really bad note from this test. and i don’t know how many people had watched that. such a programm can be very influencial, right?
    feel sorry, that a korean product is so handeld, as if it is a real crap.
    maybe kia should care more about the image of its product in media.

  • Michael Choo – International PR Manager

    Thanks for the comments haejin.

    I think that the comparison test you saw is definitely in the minority as we have been receiving outstanding results for the cee’d in comparison tests by major automotive media throughout Europe. Though that’s not to say that some bias for home-grown cars doesn’t exist!

    In some cases, pitted against the VW Golf, the cee’d have come out on top and the cee’d has also outperformed its Japanese rivals in more instances than not.

    Furthermore, the accolades for the cee’d just keep rolling in. In fact, in the last 24 hours alone I have learned of two additional awards for the cee’d in Europe. The Kia cee’d has been named “Best in Business Class” at the annual ING Belgium “Leasing Car Awards 2007,” which took place on October 16th, beating off competition in its category from the Toyota Auris and Fiat Bravo. The overall winner, “Leasing Car 2007,” was the Mercedes C-Class.

    Also, the Kia cee’d 1.6 CRDi has been voted Denmarks “Best Towing Car for 2008,” beating competitors such as the Nissan Qashqai 1.5 dCi, Toyota Auris 2.0 D4D and others like the Ford Mondeo, Subaru Tribeca and Volvo C30.

  • haejin Lee

    it s good to hear that ce’ed got so many positive test results.
    then its even more pity, that ´ce’ed be handled like that in the program.

    actually i am working in Mercedes-Benz retail organisation for a while as a trainee. one of my tasks is making clipping report about the products and news of the company. So i have to read all the sort of car-magazins and newspaper artikels about cars. Unfortunately i didn’t find any information about ce’ed so far .

    i don’t want to critic ce’ed or kia. i’m rather very proud, that ce’ed got so many prizes in Europe. that’s why i found it even pitier, when there is such a programm, which always tries to get down the kia’s products.

    In Germany it seems that ce’ed didnt convince the customer yet.
    so i think its better for the image of the product, if kia tries to prevent from that kind of a tv-program. if it was not possible, iyou should protest strongly .

    i didn’t intend to critic ce’ed. just wanted to express my opinion, or suggestion for the sake of kia (my parents’ car is kia, too.)

    i wish you all the best and further success in worldwide market.

  • Boris

    Soul is wonderful. One reader metioned that he had seen a spy shot of the production Soul and that it had a b-pillar. thats a good thing considering safety and I really am confused in what category this belongs to but when I looked at the spy shots it looked a bit a hatchback with SUV characteristics. So in this case Soul could be a good competitor for Suzuki Sx4. The Soul’s black “spy dress” doesnt clearly show how the doors open. but i hope that the suicide doors are still there.
    as my favorite auto brand I wish you guys best of luck! from me , Boris

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  • Seriously. Why did not I come up with this?

  • I love this!