Kia Soul EV sets green record in Bulgaria July 18th, 2016


Sleek, fast, and powerful cars usually take the spotlight in a car race but this wasn’t the case at ECO Drive Bulgaria 2016, one of Bulgaria’s most exciting racing events. As its name suggests, ECO Drive was organized to single out the most environmentally friendly cars.




Participants set off on a three-day race along a 580 km route around Bulgaria. After the rally came to an end, the energy consumption (fuel or electric energy) of participating cars were measured in proportion to their weight by the competition’s technical committee. The most environmentally friendly and economical were named the winners.




We are pleased to announce that Kia Soul EV was one of the 45 entries and it delivered terrific results! The Soul EV consumed a total of 57 kWh of energy during the trip, averaging an impressive 9.79 kWH per 100km to take home the exclusive award for the most economical car in the electric vehicle category.

We were in for a pleasant surprise when the Soul EV survived the mountainous terrain of the route (stretching around 170 km) without stopping for any intermediate charges. Although the speed of the vehicles in the race only averaged 50-60 km to remain extremely economical during the rally, the event was a great opportunity to prove that the Soul EV could cover as much as 250 km on a single charge


Kia Soul EV charms Bulgaria

First introduced in Bulgaria a little more than a year ago, the Soul EV is the brand’s first all-electric model for overseas markets with zero emissions. With the 27 kWh battery holding enough change for a driving range of 149 km, it is the perfect car for environmentally conscious drivers.




But there’s more to the Kia Soul EV! Its low center of gravity makes it a fun little car to drive in the busy city streets while its visually striking two-tone exterior combined with a unique front fascia (that doubles as a charging port) completes the fun car with style.

In addition, Kia Bulgaria has been working hard this past year to accentuate the appeal of this electric vehicle. Providing free fast charging stations in the city and running a pilot project with the Yellow Taxi Company to integrate the Soul EV as part of the taxi fleet, Kia is aiming to make the Kia Soul more accessible and widely recognized by the general public.

So add some fun to your eco-driving with the Kia Soul EV and look out for more achievements by our charming and powerful car!