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Explore the Kia Soul EV: free iPad app August 18th, 2014

Everything you need to know about the Kia Soul EV, right at your fingertips! Kia’s latest free iPad app for the Kia Soul EV lets users check out all the distinct features of the Soul EV through a digital interface, with interactive photo galleries and several videos.

Explore the exterior

On the app, users can click on the wide variety of exterior features of the Soul EV, like the charge port, alloy wheels (with reduced air resistance), head lamp features, and different color combinations for more detail.

Explore the interior

Take a look at interior features such as the gauge cluster, start button, electric parking brake, ventilated front seats/seat warmers, and the charge status indicator.


Users can read more about the five newly-developed eco-friendly materials, including thermoplastic elastomer fabric and cellulose-based plastics, which helped the Soul EV achieve the auto industry’s first UL Environmental validation for bio-based organic carbon content.


Users can even watch short demo videos that show how features such as the Brake Assist System, Virtual Engine Sound System, and Electronic Stability Control work.

Check out the fun video below, also featured on the app, of the Soul EV going for a test drive in Seoul, Korea.

The app also features videos for the Soul EV’s winter testing in Swedish Lapland, just an hour away from the Arctic Circle (Kia BUZZ did a write-up about the experience) and the Soul EV television ad.

Make sure to download the new Kia Soul EV app here.