Stand-out stunner: the Kia Soul & Soul EV March 8th, 2016




Kia Soul is undoubtedly one of the most widely recognized and popular models in the Kia Motors vehicle line-up. Since its conception in the mid-2000s, the Soul has transformed in surprising ways, morphing into one-of-a-kind concept cars and building its reputation on style and practicality. With its further success as Kia’s one-and-only pure electric vehicle (at the moment), this iconic boxy car continues to surprise and impress with its ever growing range of features and upgrades. Discover the past, present and future of the Kia Soul!


First Generation Soul



Soul concept (2006)


The Soul concept, the original predecessor to the current day Kia Soul, was first imagined and presented to global audiences at the 2006 North American International Auto Show. The concept did not become a commercial vehicle until late 2008 when it was launched to appeal to the young and hip crowd with a distinctly edgy style and accentuated boxy profile closely mirroring the concept that broke conventional automobile design standards.




To showcase Kia’s versatility in design, the Soul was available in several special editions and repurposed into cutting-edge concept cars. While sweeping notable awards for its style and functionality, such as the Red Dot design award, the Soul made a successful debut as a game changer in the compact SUV segment.



Houndstooth decal upgrade for the first generation Kia Soul


The Kia Soul was also popularized by the TV commercials featuring animated Kia Soul hamster characters.



Second Generation Soul




The Track’ster concept revealed in 2012 served as the foundation for the second-generation Kia Soul. With a new platform, stronger body shell and upgraded HMI interior, the second generation Soul offers larger dimensions, a wider stance, and a sporty silhouette.




The second-generation model also provides upgraded visual elements, including two-tone colors for the vehicle roof and body panels. The high-mounted tail lights, refined wheel design and reworked signature tiger-nose grille give an added touch of sophistication.




With the newest model, Kia created a box car that is fun yet functional. The most notable features are the more dynamic but stable ride and spacious interior cabin. Embracing seamless enhancements and fresh new features over the years, the second generation Kia Soul has become a best-seller among its box car competition.


Soul EV


2016 Soul EV


Following prototype testing that concluded in 2013, the full-electric version of the second generation Soul was unveiled for the first time under Kia’s EcoDynamics sub-brand at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show. While it maintains many of the classic design elements of its gasoline/diesel-powered counterpart, the Soul EV features a revamped grille that also serves as a charging port.




Powered by a 27 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery pack, the Soul EV possesses an all-electric driving range of over 160 km. The DC fast charge feature is estimated to provide a nearly full charge in under 30 minutes. As Kia’s sole electric vehicle, the Soul EV provides high power and fuel efficiency in a fun and attractive package.
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Autonomous Soul EV on display at 2016 Geneva Motor Show


The innovations for the Kia Soul don’t stop there. With the unveiling of the Kia’s new DRIVE WiSE sub-brand, the Soul EV underwent another transformation, taking on autonomous capabilities. This addition makes the Soul the most versatile Kia vehicle by far.
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2016 Soul-evolution


While only in the second-generation of its lifecycle, the Kia Soul has embraced endless innovations that have helped it emerge on top as a stylish and quirky segment frontrunner. As the model continues to foreshadow the future, we look forward to more transformations and surprises in store from this uniquely iconic car!


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