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Kia Soul in Miami-Wave Three March 17th, 2009

By Kia Motors America Public Relations team

The Kia Motors America Public Relations team finished out a successful three-wave Kia Soul National Press Introduction in Miami.  With 119 journalists in attendance overall, the local US media had the opportunity to drive the all-new 2010 Soul through eclectic South Florida while experiencing the comfort, accessories and personalization options that the new urban crossover passenger vehicle has to offer.  Check out some early reviews some of those from media who attended the launch.

– The Kia Soul on display during out the beach during the evening’s dinner.

– The Kia Soul fleet awaits new drivers for the afternoon test drive.

– Reporters were taken through the many features and option at the Soul.

– Installation of an Infinity sound system will be a customizable option for U.S. drivers.

  • Boris

    When will the soul and forte be available in UAE?

  • Colin Jang

    I’m a staff of KMC. I asked your question to the person who is in charge of sales in UAE.

    well, both models will be launched at the second half of the year.
    I’m not sure the specific numbers.

    I hope this answer helps you :)
    Questions are always welcome~if I can answer it!


  • Hey Kia-Buzz editors, I was wondering how’s the Soul selling. I know it’s still too early to talk about the numbers, but it is selling in US-Canada-Europe as you’ve been expecting?

    I’m asking because at our kia forums I have heard many people saying to either own the one or waiting for it to hit the dealership.

  • admin

    Hi! Kia Forums!
    Thanks for your question.

    Well, I’d better say it’s just too early to talk about numbers as you said. But I can tell we’ve got nice response from the markets. Three months later, maybe, we would proudly say ‘Soul is a big hit!’

    Hope to give you more datails soon.


  • 2007 Sedona

    Hi Kia Forums. I really like the design direction Kia is taking. The Soul looks really awesome. I got to see it up close at my local Kia dealer and got to sit inside it. It’s bigger than I expected inside and out, and the design is really appealing. I also like the look of the new Forte and the Number 3 concept. When it comes time to replace my Sedona (in about 10 years or so hopefully) I will definitely be buying another Kia.

    PS, how about you guys show some more love for Canada on this site? I realize we may be a small market compared to the US and Europe but we have feelings too you know.

  • Pamela (in Korea)

    From a fellow Canadian working at Head Office in Korea, I digress that there has been very little Canadian content on this blog. It’s nice to know we have some loyal bloggers in Canada that can help keep us in check about that, though.

    Much of the information on the blog is for global markets as our vehicles are available in countries all over the world. Specs may differ from country to country as there are different consumer needs and emissions/safety standards in every region of the world.

    As for keeping our Canadian consumers informed on the activities over there — we promise to make more of an effort!

  • Chris of El Paso

    Hey I like the way KIA has changed its looks and is going more streamlined. KIA maybe the underdog but its doing good things for people who cant afford higher end cars, especially for the price, the packages that come with the soul for under 19 grand is pretty awesome! I only have one question, where are the wheels that I have been seeing on the advertisements? I really love those wheels from that commercial! They are not the ones advertised on the KIA site at all.

  • Pamela (Korea)

    Hey there Chris of El Paso!

    I think you are referring to the 18″ Alloy Wheels (Flower Type) for the Soul. Indeed, this is a customizable feature (at dealerships) that is available in markets around the world.

    The standard is the 15″ wheel, but we also have four optional wheel selections. First we have the 16″ and 18″ Alloy Wheel, but later this year we will be adding two more options.

    In May, expect to see the 18″ White Alloy (Painted) offered for Soul models; and later in August, we’ll be introducing the 18″ Black Alloy Wheel (Machine Finished).

    Hope this helps!

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