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Kia Soul Rock! June 25th, 2009

By Jay Jungyub Yoo, Manager
Overseas Communication Team

The new online video for the Soul that has been circulating on the web was filmed in late April at Mokpo Port in the southern part of Korea near the Gwangju plant where the Soul is being manufactured.


Our intention was to capture the actual atmosphere of the site where hundreds of Souls are being shipped everyday to numerous countries worldwide. We wanted to create a fun and realistic story as if it actually happened during the shipping process at the port, and that’s why we used a handheld 6mm digital camcorder for the shoot.

However, we had to be very careful not to disturb the port staff and drivers while they were working.  We also had to force ourselves to use only the open spaces of the portside during sunlight hours because we didn’t want to touch any of the vehicles awaiting shipment to our customers around the world.


Delivering all the test purpose vehicles for the filming all the way from our Namyang R&D Center and bringing them back after the shoot was a daunting task. We also had to change all the tires of the cars used in the drifting scenes before we returned them to the test center.

Many special staff members were invited for the production of this video. Korea’s top professional stunt driving team participated in the filming and did a really great job.  Filming the top view shots was done by another team specialized in aerial shooting. Two cameramen had to hang on to the top of a 50-meter tall giant crane for more than 10 hours. I’d like to convey a special message of thanks for their amazing contribution to creating such exciting footage.


No computer graphic technologies were used during post-production except for just one scene. Can you guess which one?

If you guessed the lineup of red Souls turning the wheels of the big Soul, you are correct!  We used a simple ‘copy and paste’ technique.  We had no other choice.   J

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  • Jamayl (Ja-mail)

    Wow, what a commercial.

  • Jaey Bang

    It’s cool!!

  • Pamela (Korea)

    That’s a cool post, blog team!! I love the music to this one, too!

  • qwerty

    what’s the name of the music?

  • Colin


    The title of the music featured in the “Soul Rock” clip was composed by J.K. Baek and entitled “Galaxy Velocity”.
    This original music was created solely for this clip.

  • bon

    when would kia soul be launched in the philippines?

  • Colin

    Hi Bon,

    Soul will be launched in late August.
    So it means you will be able to meet Soul this month!