Kia Sportage Test Drive in Korea July 2nd, 2010

Pamela A. MunozBy Pamela A. Munoz
Overseas Communication Team
Kia Motors Corporation

It was a rainy start when we took our 37 drivers out to enjoy the test ride with the all-new Kia Sportage in Korea yesterday morning. There were 10+ countries represented during the three day trip which allowed journalists, fleet dealers and distributors from the Middle East and Africa to get to know Kia a little more in depth. For our seasoned visitors, this was the first opportunity they had to test a Kia in Seoul’s urban sprawl and enjoy some of the country’s mountainous landscape outside of the city.

Arabic writing on the side mirrors… these were models that will be available in the Middle East.

When the rain subsided and summer in its full, humid fury, our drivers enjoyed the ventilated driver’s seat (on our EX models) and dual-zone automatic air-conditioning throughout the day. Tunes were blaring through the two tweeter speakers from people’s iPods or USBs while the smart card entry with engine start button was an interesting feature.

We were happy to get some reactions from journalists and our partners, alike, as feedback gives us ideas on ways to improve our products to better serve Kia drivers. There were mostly positive responses about the car’s lines and aggressive sportiness – they also like the LED daytime running lights! Inside, the super vision cluster with automatic light controls and comfortable seats were well-received, along with the ergonomic placement of the controls along the dash.

Mike Fourie from Car Magazine in South Africa (follow him on Twitter @MikeF_CARmag) was gracious enough to share his initial thoughts on the Sportage. We thought you’d like to get his first hand opinion…

  • I love the Sportage ^^

  • T. Smith

    I like those LED daytime running lights too, I notice on some of the US reviews recently that it appears they have them too. Will Canada have them also? (it would only make sense as daytime running lights are the law in Canada)

  • Flavio Viana

    I love the LED daytime lights but I’ve noticed that they all have been photoshopped out of the new Canadian 2011 Sportage site.

    I really hope this is either a standard or optional feature. It would really be disappointing to have a “simplified” version in the Canadian market since this is one of the most eye catching features of the new model.

  • Here’s an article written by Deon Schoeman from this test drive…

  • @T. Smith –> The LED daytime running lights are indeed an option for the Sportage in the Canadian market.