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Kia SPORTSPACE takes Geneva Motor Show by storm March 4th, 2015

The 85th Salon International de l’Automobile in Geneva (Geneva Motor Show) is underway, and Kia has a lot to present during this prestigious exhibition. From the world premiere of the SPORTSPACE concept to the new cee’d GT Line, the latest powertrain technologies, and the European debut of the enhanced Picanto, Kia has the full package ready for the show. Here we bring you a first look at the new Kia SPORTSPACE concept unveiled during the Geneva Motor Show press conference.



The new Kia SPORTSPACE Concept – Simple yet dynamic

The new Kia SPORTSPACE concept is the ultimate getaway vehicle, offering drivers both style and practicality. Designed at Kia’s Frankfurt design studio under the direction of Gregory Guillaume, Chief Designer Europe, the SPORTSPACE features a sporty wagon body shape and an airy four-seat interior. It is powered by Kia’s latest diesel-electric T-Hybrid system, which enables spontaneous acceleration with low emissions. “Behind the sophisticated design, the Kia SPORTSPACE also delivers a drive that is easy and enthusiastic. It will make every work-day commute or dash to the mountains equally invigorating,” Guillaume said about his latest work.

Exterior Design

The SPORTSPACE presents an architectural silhouette in an ‘Ignition Red’ color that is distinctively different from traditional vehicles. Guillaume characterizes the SPORTSPACE as muscular and athletic, saying “The normal wagon treatment would include a long third window to suggest and show the luggage carrying capacity. But by applying a strong D-pillar treatment and a much more swept back rear hatch, we have given the back of the car a strong character.” The front of the vehicle is embellished with Kia’s signature tiger-nose grille and a powerful satin aluminium strip above the LED headlights.


Interior Design

The spacious cabin is designed to be as light as possible to maximize functionality. Designed with a combination of leather, carbon fibre and anodised aluminium, the SPORTSPACE boasts luxurious yet modern interior. A full-length panoramic sunroof and a configurable digital display give passengers greater levels of comfort and enjoyment. “The sense of space was essential,” explained Guillaume about his inspiration for the interior. “And whether the SPORTSPACE is being used during the working week or on that getaway, it has to convey quality and adaptability by providing occupants with a practical personal environment that delivers individual needs and preferences.”



Check out the unveiling of the SPORTSPACE at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show below, and stay tuned for the more news from Geneva!