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Kia Super Bowl Commercial 2012 –‘Dream Car. For Real’ February 7th, 2012

What comes to mind when you think – Superbowl commercial? Rock n’ roll? Super models? Fast cars? As you may have already seen during the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game, the Kia Optima Superbowl ad featured all of the above with a twist.

It sounds like the ultimate male fantasy taken up a few notches and then some. Accidently sprinkling too much dream dust, Mr. Sandman, known for bringing us sweet dreams has an ordinary Joe’s wildest ones come to life.

It’s a humorous take on a turbo-charged ‘man-tastic’ dream sequence featuring Victoria Secret model Adriana Lima waving a checkered flag (in a slow motion), Mötley Crüe rockin’ out, the knockout power of the ‘Iceman’ Chuck Liddell, and a mix of other outrageous surprises.

Don’t believe us? Watch it for yourself:

What do you think? Don’t you wish Mr. Sandman paid you a little visit tonight as well?