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Soul EV and Carnival to feature first-ever Kia trademark sound July 10th, 2014

Kia is getting its very own sound. Fittingly, the new Kia trademark sound is called, ‘The Rise of Surprise,’ showing Kia’s commitment to its brand slogan of ‘The Power to Surprise.’ After unveiling the latest Kia brand film, Kia continues its efforts to expand upon the brand’s creativity with this musical approach, also known as sonic branding. Drivers will hear the trademark sound when they start and stop their vehicles, in addition to various warning alerts. The first vehicles to feature the Kia sound will be the Kia Soul EV, Kia’s first full-electric model for overseas markets, and the all-new Carnival MPV (known as the Sedona in some markets).

Expect to hear the trademark sound in Kia’s TV commercials, websites, mobile ringback and ringtones, and mobile applications, while the sound will soon be featured in all Kia vehicles. Kia’s trademark sound is the auto industry’s first-ever fully integrated brand signature sound applied to vehicles. There will be four different versions of the sound signature, categorized by four different vehicle types—eco-friendly vehicles, RVs, small/compact vehicles and mid- to large-size sedans.

Click here to download and listen to Kia’s signature sound.