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Kia Trail’ster wows the crowd at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show February 27th, 2015

The Chicago Auto Show has come to a close but it definitely left behind a big splash in the auto industry. Kia took part in the largest auto show in the U.S. with 15 Kia models including the Trail’ster, the refreshed Rio, the all-new Sorento and the all-new Sedona (Grand Carnival). Among these outstanding models, the newly introduced Trail’ster, an electric AWD concept vehicle based on the Kia Soul, was easily the center of most attention. Find out what major auto media outlets had to say about the bold and powerful electric AWD concept.

Kelly Blue Book

“The Soul is the perfect platform for experimentation and the Trail’ster proves this once again. I hope there will be more Soul-based vehicles in Kia’s future.”


Auto Trader

“The Trail’ster is very impressive. I like all of it: the paint scheme, the canvas roof, the lighting elements and the wheels. I would drive this vehicle if it was available in the Atlanta metro area.”


MSN Latino

“Trail’ster has a rugged appeal but maintains the youthful aspects of the Soul. It would be perfect for the winters in Chicago and other snowy markets.”


EMMIS Communications

“The powertrain story here is very compelling. The combination of a turbocharged engine and an electric motor makes a lot of sense. What a smart way to achieve efficiency, performance and AWD capability.”



“Kia always brings its ‘A’ game to the Chicago show and it was no different this year. Trail’ster looks tough and is a logical extension of the line-up.”


Automotive Content Experience

“Very cool! This car would fit in well in the Pacific Northwest where I live. It is urban and capable which makes it very attractive to urban dwellers with active lifestyles.”


Mundo FOX TV

“The Trail’ster looks extremely stylish and has a polished look that we have not seen from the other Soul-based concepts to date. It is, by far, my favorite Soul iteration.”

When it comes to prestigious international auto shows like this one, we are always eager to share the latest. There were plenty of festive moments at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show, and below we present just a taste of the celebration!

2016 Rio 5-Door

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2016 Rio 5-Door