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Tag archive for ‘All-new Sportage’

A wolf in sheep’s clothing (All-new Sportage Turbo GDI...

Today, I’d like to introduce Kia Buzz’s second test drive story featuring the all-new Sportage Turbo GDI (or Sportage T-GDI)!

Australian Ride & Handling “Localisation” Programme...

Hello. My name is Nick Reid, the Senior Product Manger for Kia Australia. Mr. D. K. Lim of Kia’s Overseas Product Team wrote a great post back in August last year introducing Kia Australia’s ambitious project of tuning cars for local conditions and tastes. In short, D.K helped explain Australia’s automotive environment and the differences [...]

Three Kia models earn top scores in Chinese customer satisfa...

The China Association for Quality (CAQ) recently announced that three of Kia models in China ranked in first place in their respective categories after conducting a 2010 customer satisfaction survey. The survey was conducted under the supervision of CAQ’s National Customer Committee to understand general consumer opinions on all of China’s industries, ranging from agriculture [...]

Taking the all-new Sportage to another level!

I’d like to draw your attention to a part of the car that probably escapes your notice but plays a big part in the car’s overall look: door molding. The beltline of the all-new Sportage has changed to accommodate the newly developed, matt exterior trim film (ETF) molding. The molding, which is attached to the [...]

All-new Sportage will keep you safe!

Hello everyone. Today, I’d like to introduce a technology featured in the better and smarter all-new Sportage that will help you drive safer along icy roads. Have you ever woken up in the morning to find icy patches on roads from snow that fell overnight? If you’re one of those people who have no choice [...]

6-speed automatic/manual transmission for all-new Sportage

The Sportage is ahead of the pack in terms of environmental friendliness and economic value thanks to the Lambda II 6-speed automatic transmission that boasts diverse variations, Theta II 6-speed automatic transmission and Mu 6-speed manual transmission for R-engine. Now let’s find out more about the transmissions that are enhancing the fun of driving Kia’s [...]

Listen to the all-new Sportage’s Heartbeat!

Hello everyone! Do you remember Kia Motors’ concept car “KUE” that attracted a lot of attention at the 2007 Detroit Auto Show for its innovative look? Today’s posting is about the Sportage that inherited KUE’s distinctive design. Let’s find out more about the strong “heart” and impressive capabilities of the Sportage from our R&D researchers! [...]

Experience Kia in South Africa-4

Experience Kia! – 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa

As a part of Kia’s 2010 FIFA World Cup™ Marketing Activities, Experience Kia! was held last month in South Africa, where six renowned internet bloggers from six different countries were given the chance to test drive our all-new Sportage, and witness one of the most exciting matches of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™. Even South [...]

All new Sportage at beach

Behind the coupe-like package

By Package Technology Team 3 The silhouette is often the first impression of anything we see. The first impression of an automobile is also determined from the outline of the body, and the profile and roofline form key elements in determining a car’s image. Today, we learn about how package engineers found the ideal silhouette [...]

All-new Sportage-Interior-2

All-new Sportage Design Development Story-Interior

By Ralph Kluge, design manager Jung Hyun Cho, designer Kia Design Center Designing for an international brand like Kia is exciting and challenging at the same time. Not only do we designers have to think years ahead into the future, but we also create products that will be understood and appreciated on different continents, by [...]

First images of All-new Kia Sportage!

Please click on this link(Click here: All-new Sportage) to download high-resolution images