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Tag archive for ‘cadenza rd story’

Cadenza Sound system

Surround yourself with the powerful sound of Cadenza!

By Mi-soo Han Senior Researcher Multimedia Evaluation Team Hello. It’s pretty chilly these days, isn’t it? Given the growing spotlight on the entertainment function, quality sound equipment and systems have become a necessity whether you’re at home or on the move. People tend to cut back on outdoor activities in cold weather and sitting inside [...]

Kia Cadenza TFT-LCD

Safe driving and parking with Cadenza!

By Il-woong Han Senior Researcher Electronics Planning Support Team I’d like to tell you about some “pals” of Cadenza that make driving easier. The Cadenza features numerous new technologies, especially those that have to do with electronics. Technologies previously seen only in the movies are becoming reality thanks to automotive electronics. And this is probably [...]

Intro to Cadenza technology (part 3)

By Eon-jae Jeong, Researcher, Safety System Design Team It seems that these convenience features never end on the Cadenza! For the information here on the blog, though, this is our last installment for the extras you’ll find on our newest vehicle. Heated Steering Wheel Driving in wintertime is difficult on many fronts. In particular, exterior [...]

Cadenza Interior

Intro to Cadenza technology (part 2)

Hi, everybody! Here’s part II of Cadenza’s emotional & comfortable feature story for all you (future) Cadenza owners. Let’s take a look. Chrome garnish mood lighting and large room lamp Young-beom Lee and Ki-hong Lee, Senior Researcher, Vehicle Design Team 2 Forget about boring and monotonous car interiors. Cadenza brings something refreshingly new to the [...]

Vehicle with auto defog

Intro to Cadenza technology (part 1)

You’ve waited some time for it, but here is a new installment on the various technologies featured in Cadenza. Kia researchers devoted hours of hard work to create technologies that appeal to the emotions of drivers and deliver a dynamic and luxurious driving experience. Kia BUZZ will present a series of posts over the next [...]

Behind the performance of Cadenza

Jae-hoon Oh, Principal research engineer, Gasoline Engine Design Team & Sang-gyu An, Research engineer, Chassis Design Team 2 Hi! It has finally arrived. Kia’s brand new model, the All-new Cadenza is here. I’m sure many of you are already aware of the many new technologies applied to the Cadenza to make it a truly luxury [...]