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Tag archive for ‘Cadenza’

Mini Motor WRT Kia

Conquer Mini Motor Racing WRT with Kia vehicles

Ever dream about hitting the streets in your Kia and just opening it up, power sliding around corners and gunning it down the straights to victory? Well now you can! Mini Motor WRT brings all the street racing excitement you can handle straight to your smartphone, and best of all, it’s jam packed with officially licensed Kia vehicles.

Kia wraps up at the NAIAS

  Kia had a blast these past two weeks at the North American International Auto Show. This year’s show was especially noteworthy for us as the unveiling of the GT4 Stinger proved that it was NOT just hype, but a true revolution for Kia in terms of both design and innovation. It was great to [...]

The 2014 Kia Cadenza nabs International Car of the Year Awar...

Every year, the North American International Auto Show has everyone in the auto industry bringing their best—so it’s no surprise that Kia is showcasing the 2014 Cadenza in Detroit, too. The 2014 Kia Cadenza was named the International Car of the Year (ICOTY) by Road & Travel Magazine (RTM), which names the ICOTY every year [...]

2013 Cadenza_3

New look for upgraded Kia Cadenza

Kia’s popular luxury sedan Cadenza will receive a significant upgrade and a new look for 2013.


359 passenger cars will keep UEFA EURO 2012™ moving

Kia is supplying numerous design-acclaimed models as official tournament vehicles, such as the All-new cee’d, Rio and Sportage, which are among the top selling models in Europe.


Kia Reveals All-New ‘K9’ Flagship Sedan for Korean Marke...

Kia revealed the first official photographs of its all-new flagship sedan — the “K9” – to be launched during the first half of this year in the Korean market.


Kia Motors’ PPL means success for TV dramas

Have you ever called to order pizza after watching your favorite character eat pizza on TV? It may be a coincidence, or it could be the outcome of indirect advertising by a pizza maker.

Kia display a major hit at the 3rd Philippine international ...

With live Siberian tigers to heighten interest on its new tiger-nose grille design, Kia showcased its latest car models sporting the brand’s trademark design at the 3rd Philippine International Motor Show last August 19-22, 2010 at the World Trade Center, Metro Manila. Thousands came to watch the new cars on display and a great number [...]

All-new Optima-Exterior

The Next Level of Kia´s Design Revolution: All-new Optima

These are exciting times to be a member of the Kia Design Team. We have the opportunity to shape our brand through the creation of outstanding design statements with many new projects in succession, with the rapidly changing global awareness of Kia.


3D Effects for Cadenza Ad

By Dae Jung Kim Account Executive Overseas Communications Team 2 INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE Kia has unveiled its latest model under the name Cadenza for global markets. (Cadenza is a musical term which means an elaborate solo passage introduced near the end of an aria or a movement of a concerto.) With its stylish design, Cadenza generated [...]

Cadenza micro site-2

Capturing the right spirit: A marketer’s dilemma

By Colin Jang Kia BUZZ Editor “How to best express the allure of this product?” This is probably a question facing all marketing personnel. Today, I would like to tell you about the Cadenza microsite ( According to Wikipedia, a microsite is an Internet web design term referring to an individual web page or cluster [...]


In other words…

By Colin Jang Kia BUZZ Editor Hello everyone. It has been a while since my last posting about Soul Rock & Forte (known as ‘Cerato’ in some regions) 5-door. We were very impressed by the enthusiastic response and comments from the last post. All the comments were passed to each product’s managers and they appreciated [...]

Cadenza Sound system

Surround yourself with the powerful sound of Cadenza!

By Mi-soo Han Senior Researcher Multimedia Evaluation Team Hello. It’s pretty chilly these days, isn’t it? Given the growing spotlight on the entertainment function, quality sound equipment and systems have become a necessity whether you’re at home or on the move. People tend to cut back on outdoor activities in cold weather and sitting inside [...]

Intro to Cadenza technology (part 3)

By Eon-jae Jeong, Researcher, Safety System Design Team It seems that these convenience features never end on the Cadenza! For the information here on the blog, though, this is our last installment for the extras you’ll find on our newest vehicle. Heated Steering Wheel Driving in wintertime is difficult on many fronts. In particular, exterior [...]

Cadenza Interior

Intro to Cadenza technology (part 2)

Hi, everybody! Here’s part II of Cadenza’s emotional & comfortable feature story for all you (future) Cadenza owners. Let’s take a look. Chrome garnish mood lighting and large room lamp Young-beom Lee and Ki-hong Lee, Senior Researcher, Vehicle Design Team 2 Forget about boring and monotonous car interiors. Cadenza brings something refreshingly new to the [...]

Vehicle with auto defog

Intro to Cadenza technology (part 1)

You’ve waited some time for it, but here is a new installment on the various technologies featured in Cadenza. Kia researchers devoted hours of hard work to create technologies that appeal to the emotions of drivers and deliver a dynamic and luxurious driving experience. Kia BUZZ will present a series of posts over the next [...]

Behind the performance of Cadenza

Jae-hoon Oh, Principal research engineer, Gasoline Engine Design Team & Sang-gyu An, Research engineer, Chassis Design Team 2 Hi! It has finally arrived. Kia’s brand new model, the All-new Cadenza is here. I’m sure many of you are already aware of the many new technologies applied to the Cadenza to make it a truly luxury [...]

K7 in Domestic market

Cadenza, and carbon footprint

By Cho, Hyun-jin Sustainability Management Team November 24 in Seoul, Kia Motors lifted the covers off Cadenza in Korea (also known as K7 in domestic). On the following day, Cadenza acquired carbon footprint labeling certificate from the Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute (KEITI). The label shows total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions created directly and [...]

Cadenza Design Story

By Kim Chi-young, Researcher, Kia Exterior Design Team 2 & By Lee Seung-young, senior researcher, Kia Interior Design Team 2 All about perfect combination of light and lines Once work began on the landmark project of creating Kia Motors’ first large luxury sedan, our design studios in Korea, the US and Europe collaborated and competed [...]