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Tag archive for ‘color’


Colorful Selection

By Lee, Jung Kia Color Team Color design is about creating something that will appeal to the public or awaken their desire. It requires the ability to tap into consumer’s consciousness. To come up with the right colors for the new Sorento, Kia relied on the advice of dealers and marketers around the world, and [...]


For a distinctive design…

By Seon Ho Youn Executive Vice President Kia Design Center Work begins on creating the first design concept. Sketches reveal a somewhat familiar design. Something new… new… “No, it’s not new at all,” I keep repeating over and over in my head. I want to capture the sexiness and confidence of the model wearing a [...]


Interior innovation

By Kia Design Center Innovation is one of the key qualities that designers at the Kia Design Center constantly seek.  Their focus on innovative design has been reflected on some of the interior features of the Soul. Sound volume reflecting speaker lamp A standout feature in Soul’s interior is sound-sensitive mood lighting. Mood lighting had [...]

Highlights of Soul exterior design

By Kia Design Center Just like a backpack Soul’s rear hatch is designed and shaped like a backpack to appeal to the young. This idea first appeared in the early sketches of the concept car. But in the course of making the production version, there were issues related to the trunk layout and noise, and [...]

How it all started…

By Kia Design Center From concept sketch to Soul…… Soul originates from the concept car KND-3 (SOUL) which premiered at the 2006 Detroit Motor Show. The open feel exuding from Soul’s A-pillar can be traced back to KCD-2 (Mesa) which showcased at the same trade fair in the previous year. Themes around ‘utility’ and ‘music’, [...]

Soul week (Editor’s note)

By Seung Hwan Lee Kia BUZZ Editor Good news, everyone!  Starting Thursday, October 23rd, a series of postings on the Soul’s design development history will be posted until Wednesday, October 29th.  The postings will reflect on how designers found their inspiration for the crossover’s exterior and interior designs, innovative features and colors.  To close the [...]

Speaker lamps

Fun lighting technology of Soul

By John Shim Research & Development Planning Team Hello everyone. I’m John Shim of the R&D Planning Team. This is my first posting on Kia Buzz. Kia unveiled the production version of Soul at the Paris Motor Show last week. I’m sure many of you have already read about Soul on Kia Buzz. With its [...]

Search rate for Rondo skyrocketed 3600%?

By Jay Ryu Assistant Manager, Overseas Product Marketing Team Rondo (also known as Carens) is more than a traditional MPV. It is a CUV that can seat up to seven passengers developed to answer the needs of a family-friendly recreation vehicle in the sporty style of a SUV. Interest in the multifunctional Rondo has spiked [...]

A Moment of Zen – Kia Borrego NPI

By Amy Taylor Public Relations Manager, Kia Motors America It is a perfect day with the sound of the water rushing by and the wind in your face.  It is a moment of total relaxation kayaking on the Columbia River. You can recreate this moment of Zen while driving back to the Suncadia Resort in [...]

One Horsepower Versus 337 Horsepower – Borrego NPI

By Amy Taylor Public Relations Manager, Kia Motors America The horses neighed as 337 horsepower pulled into Icicle Outfitters.  They must have sensed some competition from the Kia Borrego V8. After testing the power of the Kia Borrego driving through the Blewett Pass, it was time to see what one horsepower feels like.  Sundance, Bubba [...]

Casting a Line at the Borrego NPI

By Amy Taylor Public Relations Manager, Kia Motors America The first wave of journalists hit the road this morning and quite a few made their way to Fish Lake in Lake Wenatchee State Park.  Thanks to Borrego’s Homelink with compass navigation system, everyone made it safely to the lake.  Once there, they jumped into rowboats [...]