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Tag archive for ‘Concept car’

Kia Top Concept Cars

Kia’s top 4 concept car line-up: GT, Niro, KND-7, GT4 Stin...

Today, we’re taking a moment to acknowledge the creativity and innovation in car design, and what better way to do so than with Kia’s top 4 concept cars? Over the years, Kia has introduced concept cars that are experimental, fun, and sporty, but most of all—innovative. So we picked out the top 4 of Kia’s recent concept cars—the must-sees that have proved to the public and the automotive industry exactly what innovation is all about. Check out the vehicle specs and debut stories of our top 4 concepts.

Kia Buzz reminisces about past concept cars – Part 1: KCV ...

. Let’s go back in time and take a closer look into Kia’s love affair with concept cars. We are going to start this trip down memory lane with our KCV concept series and work our way up.

무제-1 복사

All-new Kia Soul and dramatic new Kia urban concept set to p...

An all-new version of the Kia Soul will make its European debut at the 65th Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA) in Frankfurt on 10 September 2013.


Dramatic new concept from Kia to debut at Frankfurt Motor Sh...

Playful but gutsy, sturdy yet impish – Kia’s dramatic new European concept to be unveiled at the IAA in Frankfurt on 10 September hints at a possible future B-segment contender ready to take on the urban environment with style and tenacity.

Introducing the Kia N°3

By Seung Hwan Lee Kia BUZZ Editor Hello everyone.  Today I would like to share with you some of our new videos of Kia’s all new concept car unveiled today at the Geneva Motor Show – the Kia N°3. Play the clips below for driving scenes and exterior and interior details of the Kia N°3.  [...]

New images of the Kia N° 3 Concept Car

By Seung Hwan Lee Kia BUZZ Editor The 79th Salon International de l’Auto which opens in Geneva is just a week away! It’s about time we released new images of the all-new MPV concept, the Kia N° 3 Concept Car, in train of the first release. Check out the new images below and make sure [...]


The Exclusive Design Story of The Kia Soul’ster

By Mike Torpey & Brian White Senior Designer Kia Design Center America Hello and Happy New Year, Kia-Buzz’ers! Mike Torpey and Brian White from Kia Design Center America here with you, giving you an exclusive “inside scoop” on the design process behind the exciting Kia Soul’ster concept revealed at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show in [...]

Colors of Soul

By Kia Design Center While work progressed on developing the interior color scheme, consumer opinions were collected via Kia websites and focus groups in Korea and abroad. The purpose was to identify consumers’ color preferences using the Soul concept car. During a one-month period, 23,000 people took part in the survey. The responses varied depending [...]

Highlights of Soul exterior design

By Kia Design Center Just like a backpack Soul’s rear hatch is designed and shaped like a backpack to appeal to the young. This idea first appeared in the early sketches of the concept car. But in the course of making the production version, there were issues related to the trunk layout and noise, and [...]

How it all started…

By Kia Design Center From concept sketch to Soul…… Soul originates from the concept car KND-3 (SOUL) which premiered at the 2006 Detroit Motor Show. The open feel exuding from Soul’s A-pillar can be traced back to KCD-2 (Mesa) which showcased at the same trade fair in the previous year. Themes around ‘utility’ and ‘music’, [...]

The SOUL Burner

By Michael Choo International PR Deputy General Manager Here’s a teaser preview of the SOUL concept trio that will debut at the Geneva Motor Show in early March. The SOUL concepts highlight ‘the world of possibilities’ for accessories, customizing and personalization that will be opened to future Kia customers by a forthcoming Kia production model [...]