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Tag archive for ‘interior’

Venga’s Design Story-Interior

By Kia Design Center Designing the interior We considered and reviewed a wide range of possibilities to come up with an interior that is modern and trendy, yet practical. The objective was to create a car that fits the European lifestyle. Centralized audio dials and the dual dial HVAC unit catches the eye with their [...]

All-new Sportage-Interior-2

All-new Sportage Design Development Story-Interior

By Ralph Kluge, design manager Jung Hyun Cho, designer Kia Design Center Designing for an international brand like Kia is exciting and challenging at the same time. Not only do we designers have to think years ahead into the future, but we also create products that will be understood and appreciated on different continents, by [...]

Cadenza Interior

Intro to Cadenza technology (part 2)

Hi, everybody! Here’s part II of Cadenza’s emotional & comfortable feature story for all you (future) Cadenza owners. Let’s take a look. Chrome garnish mood lighting and large room lamp Young-beom Lee and Ki-hong Lee, Senior Researcher, Vehicle Design Team 2 Forget about boring and monotonous car interiors. Cadenza brings something refreshingly new to the [...]

Jang, Su Jin

Cadenza Color & Trim Story

By Jang Soo-jin, senior researcher Kia Color Design Team Touch and feel the softness An incredible amount of care and attention went into making the recently launched Kia Cadenza the automaker’s most advanced model to date. During market research into Cadenza target buyers in terms of where they go, what products they use and their [...]

Colors of Soul

By Kia Design Center While work progressed on developing the interior color scheme, consumer opinions were collected via Kia websites and focus groups in Korea and abroad. The purpose was to identify consumers’ color preferences using the Soul concept car. During a one-month period, 23,000 people took part in the survey. The responses varied depending [...]

Soul week (Editor’s note)

By Seung Hwan Lee Kia BUZZ Editor Good news, everyone!  Starting Thursday, October 23rd, a series of postings on the Soul’s design development history will be posted until Wednesday, October 29th.  The postings will reflect on how designers found their inspiration for the crossover’s exterior and interior designs, innovative features and colors.  To close the [...]

Search rate for Rondo skyrocketed 3600%?

By Jay Ryu Assistant Manager, Overseas Product Marketing Team Rondo (also known as Carens) is more than a traditional MPV. It is a CUV that can seat up to seven passengers developed to answer the needs of a family-friendly recreation vehicle in the sporty style of a SUV. Interest in the multifunctional Rondo has spiked [...]