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Tag archive for ‘Kia’


Kicking off the launch of the New Cerato in Oman

By Soon Nam Lee Director, Overseas Marketing Group, Kia Motors Corporation Forecasts point to a sharp drop in automobile demand this year with the continuing worldwide economic slump. Meanwhile, thanks to swift advances in IT, the rapid emergence of new media based on two-way communication has been changing the face of the media environment which [...]

Being an Australian Open Ball Kids

By June Young Oh 2009 Australian Open Ball Kids *Editor’s Note:  June Young Oh is one of the Ball Kids for the Australian Open 2009.  He just finished the Ball Kids program and sent us his postscript. The day, January 4th, started out like any other Sunday. But I was excited, because it was the first [...]


Today’s car is not the car of yesterday

By Chil-Young Kwon Production Management Team Kia Motors Corporation Greetings to all Kia Buzz readers and I wish you all the best for the New Year. Until I started working at Kia Motors, I thought many things were a simple process. For example, let’s take the job of placing an improved muffler on a car [...]


Kia and Rafael Nadal

By Ki Myo Kim Overseas Promotion Team Kia Motors Corporation The Australian Open kicked off on January 19 (Monday). While most of us associate January with cold weather, it is now summer in Melbourne, with the long-awaited Grand Slam tournament adding to the heat. Matches will be played in five categories: men’s singles, women’s singles, [...]


Waiting for the Australian Open

By Ki Myo Kim Overseas Promotion Team Kia Motors Corporation 2009 is finally here, and the Australian Open, one of four grand slam tennis tournaments, will be held from January 19 (Monday) to February 1 (Sunday), 2009. The Australian Open, the first grand slam event of the year, will take place for two weeks in [...]

Ten Things to Celebrate About 2008

By Soon-Nam Lee Director, Overseas Marketing Group, Kia Motors Corporation Reading the business pages this time of year does not lend itself to Christmas cheer and optimism for 2009.  2008 was by no means perfect for Kia and there’s a lot we still have to improve on but I’d like to share with Kia family and friends my [...]


Kia Exclusive Report: Spotted!

By Kia BUZZ editorial team This just in, folks… Santa Claus was spotted this Christmas Eve taking a joy ride in his brand new Christmas Soul. It turns out the urban crossover is more than just for city driving. It looks like he left his reindeer at home for this quick spin around Kia headquarters [...]


The power of labor-management harmony

By Yun Tae Kim Assistant Manager, Labor Relations Planning Team A warm breeze is sweeping through labor-management relations at Kia Motors. Many Kia employees and customers abroad may harbor some concerns that labor relations at Kia Motors are marred by conflict and struggle. Well, that has been true to a certain extent, but there may [...]

Committing to a safe, efficient environment

By Pamela Muñoz International PR Assistant Manager Kia Motors launched volume production at its Zilina, Slovakia plant in December 2006 and quickly realized that it had underestimated the potential of its state-of-the-art facilities.  Less than two years later, Kia Motors Slovakia (KMS) has exceeded expectations and reached its 300,000th vehicle production goal. These accomplishments do [...]


For a distinctive design…

By Seon Ho Youn Executive Vice President Kia Design Center Work begins on creating the first design concept. Sketches reveal a somewhat familiar design. Something new… new… “No, it’s not new at all,” I keep repeating over and over in my head. I want to capture the sexiness and confidence of the model wearing a [...]

Colors of Soul

By Kia Design Center While work progressed on developing the interior color scheme, consumer opinions were collected via Kia websites and focus groups in Korea and abroad. The purpose was to identify consumers’ color preferences using the Soul concept car. During a one-month period, 23,000 people took part in the survey. The responses varied depending [...]


Interior innovation

By Kia Design Center Innovation is one of the key qualities that designers at the Kia Design Center constantly seek.  Their focus on innovative design has been reflected on some of the interior features of the Soul. Sound volume reflecting speaker lamp A standout feature in Soul’s interior is sound-sensitive mood lighting. Mood lighting had [...]

Highlights of Soul exterior design

By Kia Design Center Just like a backpack Soul’s rear hatch is designed and shaped like a backpack to appeal to the young. This idea first appeared in the early sketches of the concept car. But in the course of making the production version, there were issues related to the trunk layout and noise, and [...]

How it all started…

By Kia Design Center From concept sketch to Soul…… Soul originates from the concept car KND-3 (SOUL) which premiered at the 2006 Detroit Motor Show. The open feel exuding from Soul’s A-pillar can be traced back to KCD-2 (Mesa) which showcased at the same trade fair in the previous year. Themes around ‘utility’ and ‘music’, [...]

Impressions of the Soul

By Seung Hwan Lee Kia BUZZ Editor At 2008 Paris Motor Show (Mondial de l’Automobile), the Soul received a warm welcome from visitors. We asked for their impressions of the Soul.  Check out their reactions below!

Soul week (Editor’s note)

By Seung Hwan Lee Kia BUZZ Editor Good news, everyone!  Starting Thursday, October 23rd, a series of postings on the Soul’s design development history will be posted until Wednesday, October 29th.  The postings will reflect on how designers found their inspiration for the crossover’s exterior and interior designs, innovative features and colors.  To close the [...]

Lip Dub Kia

By Luis Miguel Rojo Y Pinto Head of Marketing and Communication Kia Motors France Hello, my name is Luis Miguel Rojo Y Pinto. I am the Head of Marketing and Communication at Kia Motors France. I’m very happy to meet you all here in “Kia-Buzz”, as a Kia Family. Kia Brand’s claim “The power to [...]

A glimpse of Soul Art

By Seung Hwan Lee Kia BUZZ Editor Let me share with you Kia’s teaser movie from the recently launched Soul website.  The clip presents a glimpse of what will come in the full version scheduled to launch online in November.  In the long version, five mini-me Souls, designed by talented young artists, represent themes like [...]


Kia Motors Azerbaijan caught a fever! Olympic fever, that is...

By Vugar Isgandarov Head of PR, Marketing and Advertising Department Kia Motors Azerbaijan Kia Motors Azerbaijan has always contributed to the prosperity and development of sports in Azerbaijan.  We have repeatedly sponsored different kinds of sports tournaments and rewarded winners with prizes and cars. Kia Motors couldn’t stand on the sidelines when it came to [...]

Speaker lamps

Fun lighting technology of Soul

By John Shim Research & Development Planning Team Hello everyone. I’m John Shim of the R&D Planning Team. This is my first posting on Kia Buzz. Kia unveiled the production version of Soul at the Paris Motor Show last week. I’m sure many of you have already read about Soul on Kia Buzz. With its [...]