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Tag archive for ‘Kia’

Lip Dub Kia

By Luis Miguel Rojo Y Pinto Head of Marketing and Communication Kia Motors France Hello, my name is Luis Miguel Rojo Y Pinto. I am the Head of Marketing and Communication at Kia Motors France. I’m very happy to meet you all here in “Kia-Buzz”, as a Kia Family. Kia Brand’s claim “The power to [...]

A glimpse of Soul Art

By Seung Hwan Lee Kia BUZZ Editor Let me share with you Kia’s teaser movie from the recently launched Soul website.  The clip presents a glimpse of what will come in the full version scheduled to launch online in November.  In the long version, five mini-me Souls, designed by talented young artists, represent themes like [...]


Kia Motors Azerbaijan caught a fever! Olympic fever, that is...

By Vugar Isgandarov Head of PR, Marketing and Advertising Department Kia Motors Azerbaijan Kia Motors Azerbaijan has always contributed to the prosperity and development of sports in Azerbaijan.  We have repeatedly sponsored different kinds of sports tournaments and rewarded winners with prizes and cars. Kia Motors couldn’t stand on the sidelines when it came to [...]

Speaker lamps

Fun lighting technology of Soul

By John Shim Research & Development Planning Team Hello everyone. I’m John Shim of the R&D Planning Team. This is my first posting on Kia Buzz. Kia unveiled the production version of Soul at the Paris Motor Show last week. I’m sure many of you have already read about Soul on Kia Buzz. With its [...]


Philippine International Motor Show

By Renato G. Velasquez Manager, Marketing Services Department Columbian Autocar Corporation Columbian Autocar Corporation (CAC), the sole distributor of Kia vehicles in the Philippines, joined the 2nd Philippine International Motor Show on August 21-24, 2008, at the World Trade Center in Metro Manila.  Sixteen other powerful global auto brands also participated represented by the Chamber [...]

What’s your Soul?

By Seung Hwan Lee Kia BUZZ Editor Here’s the newest promotional video on Kia’s latest urban cross-over.  Check it out and discover your Soul.

Kia Soul Revealed!

By Pamela Muñoz International PR Assistant Manager As our bloggers already know, the Paris Motor Show marked the launch of Kia’s newest vehicle, our urban crossover vehicle, the Kia Soul!  We feel it marks the beginning of a new chapter in Kia’s history pages and will appeal to a whole new group of young-at-heart drivers [...]

A closer look at the Paris Motor Show Pre-Launch Party!

By Seung Hwan Lee Kia BUZZ Editor In addition to our previous story on the media party posted on the 2nd of October, here’s a video capture of the goings on from inside the Salons du Louvre.  Follow Michael Choo, our official Paris Motor Show correspondent, who was able to take a closer look at [...]

From the Green Zone at Paris!

By Pamela Muñoz International PR Assistant Manager In addition to the Kia Soul launch, Kia is featuring some new green concepts at the Paris Motor Show.  Here is a video taken about these four vehicles on display in line with Kia’s global eco-friendly initiatives.  Michael Choo gives us a sneak peek of the cee’d ISG, [...]

Sneak Peak at Paris Motor Show…

By Pamela Muñoz International PR Assistant Manager It seems like the who’s who of the auto industry are all at the Mondial de l’Automobile in Paris – and why shouldn’t they be? After all, Kia Motors is launching its newest segment-busting creation, the Kia Soul! Our very own Michael Choo is on the scene and [...]

Search rate for Rondo skyrocketed 3600%?

By Jay Ryu Assistant Manager, Overseas Product Marketing Team Rondo (also known as Carens) is more than a traditional MPV. It is a CUV that can seat up to seven passengers developed to answer the needs of a family-friendly recreation vehicle in the sporty style of a SUV. Interest in the multifunctional Rondo has spiked [...]

Eco Tech Days for European Journalists held at European R�...

By Ilona Tzudnowski PR Manager, Kia Motors Europe In Europe Kia has maintained a unique R&D Centre in Rüsselsheim, Germany, since 1995. The teams of engineers, scientists, and regulatory people working there have an ear to the ground on what consumers in this market need and want and they work on delivering it to them. [...]

Jammin’ with Peter Schreyer

By Michael Choo International PR Deputy General Manager For those of you who may be curious about what our Chief Design Officer, Peter Schreyer, enjoys to do during his downtime when working in Korea, I hope you enjoy these photos. Here is Peter playing the bass, a childhood pastime of his, at a local live [...]

Happy 1st Birthday Kia BUZZ!

By Kia BUZZ editorial team A year ago, today, the Kia BUZZ launched itself onto the world in an effort to promote interactive communication between drivers, car enthusiasts and Kia Motors.  Gone are the days of a faceless corporation.  Instead, with the aid of new media and technology, real people from within Kia can provide [...]

Styling elements of the Kia Forte

By Michael Choo International PR Deputy General Manager Kia Motors Corporation Last week saw the domestic (Korean) market introduction of the all-new Kia Forte, which is the next generation Cerato (also known as ‘Spectra’ in some countries) and will retain the Cerato/Spectra name in overseas markets. Have a look at the below video of Kia’s [...]

The Final Word – Kia Borrego NPI

By Amy Taylor Public Relations Manager, Kia Motors America The KMA PR team is back in Irvine, Calif. now and the feedback from attendees and the media coverage has been positive and plentiful since our return.  Click on the links below to read the reviews and check out the full event recap video at the [...]

A Moment of Zen – Kia Borrego NPI

By Amy Taylor Public Relations Manager, Kia Motors America It is a perfect day with the sound of the water rushing by and the wind in your face.  It is a moment of total relaxation kayaking on the Columbia River. You can recreate this moment of Zen while driving back to the Suncadia Resort in [...]

Casting a Line at the Borrego NPI

By Amy Taylor Public Relations Manager, Kia Motors America The first wave of journalists hit the road this morning and quite a few made their way to Fish Lake in Lake Wenatchee State Park.  Thanks to Borrego’s Homelink with compass navigation system, everyone made it safely to the lake.  Once there, they jumped into rowboats [...]

Welcome to the Kia Borrego National Press Introduction!

By Amy Taylor Public Relations Manager, Kia Motors America Greetings from the Suncadia Resort in Cle Elum, Wash.!  Over the next several days KMA PR will host more than 120 journalists as we introduce the U.S. media to the all-new 2009 Kia Borrego! The moment the journalists step out of the airport they will get [...]

Expectation & Responsibility

By Kyehwan Roh Assistant Manager Sustainability Management Team In our lives, we all have multiple roles to play. Among them, one can be a father, a manager or a president of a club. Each of these roles has its own unique set of responsibilities and challenges. Similarly, businesses take on a variety of roles. A company [...]