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Tag archive for ‘Rafael Nadal’

Kia x-Car Sorento

The X-Men inspired Kia Sorento at the Australian Open 2015

If you are a fan of X-Men series produced by Marvel, look out for the Australian Open 2015. As the major sponsor of the Australian Open, held in Melbourne, Australia every January, Kia is teaming up with the X-Men heroes and tennis superstar Rafael Nadal to wow tennis fans all over the globe. We collaborated with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment to produce the Kia X-Car, an X-Men inspired all-new Kia Sorento, the third generation of the brand’s best-selling SUV. Watch the video below to see the Kia X-Men dream team take on the evil Sentinels who are threatening the Australian Open 2015

Fans get lucky in Australia (with kangaroos!)

Kia had the privilege of being a part of the Australian Open again this past January as the long-running Major Sponsor, and in light of this mega sports event, we wanted to help connect tennis fans around the globe by inviting them Down Under to experience tennis fever for themselves through our Kia Lucky Drive [...]


Rafael Nadal wins 2012 French Open

Congratulations to our tennis superstar and Kia global brand ambassador Rafael Nadal on his big win at 2012 French Open.

‘Open Drive’ Interview with Rafael Nadal at the Australi...

Sitting in the hot seat of a Kia Soul, we grilled Rafael with some hard-hitting questions like automatic or manual? And chocolate or vanilla?

Inspired by What You Like. Kia, the Power to Surprise

Inspired by What You Like. Kia, the Power to Surprise

If you still haven’t figured out what Kia stands for, you will definitely get a chance to see, feel and know it with Kia’s new global brand campaign. Kia has aimed to deliver a unique customer experience as well as the brand’s three core beliefs, ‘challenger,’ ‘human-driven,’ and ‘spirited,’ through a social media platform.

Kia fans ask the questions at the Australian Open

It started off by asking Kia Motors Facebook fans to ask questions to the world’s top tennis athletes. From the hundreds of questions received through Facebook, Kia Motors interviewed tennis stars, like Kia global brand ambassador, Rafael Nadal, Fernando Verdasco, Victoria Azarenka and Kim Clijsters during their time at the Australian Open 2011. As part [...]

One-on-One with “Rafa”

By Michael Choo International PR Deputy General Manager This year’s Australian Open tennis championship – the first of four Grand Slam events of the tennis calendar – proved to be a double whammy for Kia Motors as a new attendance record of 603,160 fans was set and, to top off 2 weeks of incredible tennis, [...]


Kia and Rafael Nadal

By Ki Myo Kim Overseas Promotion Team Kia Motors Corporation The Australian Open kicked off on January 19 (Monday). While most of us associate January with cold weather, it is now summer in Melbourne, with the long-awaited Grand Slam tournament adding to the heat. Matches will be played in five categories: men’s singles, women’s singles, [...]

Ten Things to Celebrate About 2008

By Soon-Nam Lee Director, Overseas Marketing Group, Kia Motors Corporation Reading the business pages this time of year does not lend itself to Christmas cheer and optimism for 2009.  2008 was by no means perfect for Kia and there’s a lot we still have to improve on but I’d like to share with Kia family and friends my [...]