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Tag archive for ‘sorento rd story’


All-new Sorento drives on water! (Well, a frozen lake actual...

By Kim, Wan Seung Assistant Manager R&D Strategy team Extreme tests take the all-new Sorento around the world The all-new Sorento tears through a blinding snowstorm on a frozen lake. The mercury reads -30ºC (-22ºF). This is extreme driving. Cornering on the icy lake requires nerves of steel. However, the all-new Sorento looks and handles [...]


Stay cool and comfortable in the heat of summer

By Ki, Chang-ju Seat System Design Team Ventilated seats for all-new Sorento I was one of the research engineers of the seat system design team for the all-new Sorento. I’d like to tell you a little about the ventilated seats that’ll make driving more pleasant in the summer. Even with air-conditioning, long distance driving can [...]


Sky’s the limit with all-new Sorento

By Park, Jeong-hun, Senior Research Engineer Car Body Design 3 Team If you’ve been waiting to see the all-new Sorento model, I’m pleased to tell you that the wait will soon be over. I am a senior research engineer at Kia and involved in developing the panoramic sunroof  for the all-new Sorento. Kia’s recently unveiled [...]


‘R Engine’ for the new Sorento

By Je Rok Chun, Senior Research Engineer Passenger Car Diesel Engine Test Team The new Euro 5 compliant R engine, which makes its world debut in the all-new Kia Sorento highline cruiser, has been developed with the aim of being the world’s best high-powered eco-friendly diesel engine in the competitive 2.0/2.2-liter segment. Full 3D CAD [...]


Independently developed 6-speed automatic transmission

By Seong-hoon Park, Senior Research Engineer Automatic Transmission Design Team Hello Kia BUZZ readers! My name is Park, Seong-hoon and I’m a senior research engineer at Kia and part of the Automatic Transmission Design Team that developed the automatic transmission for Kia’s existing new line of vehicles. Let’s talk about the development of our newest transmission and [...]


Newest Sorento has a great body!

By Seung-il Kim, Vice President & Head of Car Development Center 3 As discussed briefly before, the Sorento has made a switch in frame type to a monocoque platform. With this lower ground clearance it changes the vehicle’s suspension to provide a better driving experience with enhanced handling and ride. The front subframe has been [...]


New Sorento arrives with a fresh look and better fuel-effici...

Seung-il Kim, Vice President & Head of Car Development Center 3 The Kia Sorento opened new horizons in the mid-sized CUV market when it was first launched in 2000. This legacy is the main reason the latest introduction of the all new Sorento holds high expectations for the car and the Kia brand. The newest [...]