KOUP Q&A July 10th, 2009

By Colin(WooYung) Jang
Kia BUZZ editor

Hello to all bloggers on Kia Buzz.

Kia Motors officially launched the Forte (Cerato) KOUP in the Korean market on June 11. Since then, this model has drawn much interest among bloggers. The Kia BUZZ editorial team would like to answer some of the many questions about Forte (Cerato) KOUP that have been floating around online.

Let’s get started.

Question 1
Why does Kia use the reflector headlamp instead of projection headlamp?


Forte (Cerato) KOUP was developed as a sporty yet affordable coupe. The projection type headlamp provides better brightness compared to reflector type. However, the reflector type was used in Forte (Cerato) KOUP since there is minimal difference in brightness versus the projection type and to provide a car at a reasonable price.

Question 2
Does Forte (Cerato) KOUP have a push start button? Also, is it equipped with Bluetooth?

Yes, the push start button will be available upon launch in Asia, Middle East and East Europe. (It will be available from September 2009 in Australia and Singapore.)
Bluetooth will be available only in North America.


Question 3
Some say Forte (Cerato) KOUP has a similar front appearance as Honda Civic Type R. Is that true?

Any resemblance to the Civic Type R is simply coincidental. The Forte Koup’s fascia was built upon the Forte sedan’s theme and began before the Civic Type R was ever debuted. We do believe that if you saw the two cars side by side, the Koup would be distinctively different in terms of proportions and graphic treatment.

Question 4
What is the engine in Forte (Cerato) KOUP? What about the transmission?

Forte (Cerato) KOUP is powered by one of three gasoline engines (Gamma 1.6L, ThetaⅡ 2.0L or ThetaⅡ 2.4L). Most market will get the 1.6 and 2.0 engines while the 2.0 and 2.4 will be available in North America. All engines boast high performance and fuel efficiency. The two engines are currently used in the Forte (Cerato) Sedan.
Drivers can choose from either a 6-speed manual (for 2.4L) & 5-speed manual or 5-spped automatic (for 2.4L) & 4-speed automatic transmission. With its superior acceleration and overtaking power compared to competing models, Forte (Cerato) KOUP delivers sporty driving performance.


Question 5
Does the rear diffuser on Forte (Cerato) KOUP have a functional purpose? Or is it there for style only?

The rear diffuser enhances cross wind stability. That is, it boosts driving stability when cornering at high speeds. It will be useful if you are speeding along winding roads. (But always remember to drive safe!) The rear diffuser also gives the car a sportier look.


Question 6
Does Forte (Cerato) KOUP share the same platform with cee’d?

Yes, the two models share the same platform. And platform-sharing is a global trend. However, the cars are not alike since they get additional tuning depending on their respective traits.

We hope the answers to the six questions satisfied some of your curiosities. If you have other questions, please post them below and we will try our best to answer them.

  • owen (ZA)

    Hi,i currently own a Cerato Koup,In south africa it does n’t come with either a push start button or bluetooth,When are these going to be available in the south african market,secondly i was browsing on the net and managed to find a 290 HP kia Cerato Koup now my question is i this planned to be on the production line and when we can expect it this side,thanks

  • Naz

    can i check out your video?

  • Hey kia buzz,

    I’m planning to get the Kia KOUP as my very first car. But it seems all the time Kia KOUP never fail to surprise with the improvements made. Heard about the KOUP coming with the turbo charger. Is that true and when will it come?

  • Yasma

    hi, Glen,
    I am interested to see your vid.
    thanks for reply

  • The Cerato Koupe is  a safe place to be in with features like ABS, ESP and safety airbags and also  reverse warning sensors.

  • Stephen Charles

    What are the safety features of the push start button in the coup? Is it that anyone can break into your car and start it easily or are there additional safety features to the push start? 

  • You can post it on YouTube 

  • vincent phong

    i booking coup at jb(april 2011),y untill now my car nvr come malaysia n can give me a good answer?

  • Hello Vincent Phong, we are sorry for the delay and we will share your feedback internally to provide you the support you need. Meanwhile, have you tried contacting the nearest Kia dealership in your area? Please refer to the following link for more assistance.

  • angela

    which dealer ?

  • Teyusyshy

    how can I contact the representative Kia in Malaysia? I very disappointed with the Naza Group and one of the dealer in JB so I think I have to give him feedback on the very unpleasant experience.thank you

  • Hello angela, please refer to the following link to find the nearest Kia dealership to you.

  • Hello Teyusyshy, please accept our sincere apologies for any unpleasant experience you may had with one of our dealers. We will share your feedback internally to provide you with assistance as soon as possible.



  • Nm1footballplayer

    When is the Theta 2 2.4L getting a turbo?

  • Omar_silver_spider

    If 2.0 and 2.4 are diferent liters.but they look the same whatsthe diference… The block??

  • Leonard

    can yuo change a 1.6 liter to a 1.5