Lip Dub Kia October 20th, 2008

By Luis Miguel Rojo Y Pinto
Head of Marketing and Communication
Kia Motors France

Hello, my name is Luis Miguel Rojo Y Pinto. I am the Head of Marketing and Communication at Kia Motors France. I’m very happy to meet you all here in “Kia-Buzz”, as a Kia Family.

Kia Brand’s claim “The power to surprise” is a wonderful booster for our activities, both external and internal. KMF teams work hard every single day to increase Kia value in France and reach the targets and we wanted to demonstrate, in an innovative way to our network, our commitment and capacity of thinking differently.

The result is the featured “lip dub”. It helped us sharing values between teams and demonstrating that KMF is a winning team in every moment.

We chose a dynamic song, produced by a group called … “Big Soul”, this is no invention, whose title “Brio” means “brilliant”, it could not be better! We had a fabulous day making our video clip and acting as TV stars! Our ” SOUL Brio ” was shown to our dealers SOUL convention held on October 3rd, 2008. It was a big hit !, in terms of incentive and it received a very warm welcome by our network.

I hope that you will enjoy this moment as much as KMF and the French network did. I want to thank again all KMF members for their full participation and excellent mood!

  • Kate

    Great! I hope KMPoland works like KMF ;) gretz from Poland.

  • You are a very smart person!

  • That you are a very smart individual!

  • Maybe you could edit the webpage title Lip Dub Kia to more specific for your webpage you write. I loved the post still.