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Listen to the all-new Sportage’s Heartbeat! August 12th, 2010

Hello everyone! Do you remember Kia Motors’ concept car “KUE” that attracted a lot of attention at the 2007 Detroit Auto Show for its innovative look? Today’s posting is about the Sportage that inherited KUE’s distinctive design. Let’s find out more about the strong “heart” and impressive capabilities of the Sportage from our R&D researchers!

Diesel R-2.0 Engine
Si-hyeok Ryu, Sr. Research Engineer, Passenger Diesel Engine Design Team

The Sportage is powered by the strongest “hearts”: the independently developed high-tech clean passenger diesel R engine and the internationally recognized Theta II 2.0 World Engine.

First, let’s take a look at the diesel R-2.0 engine that boasts world-leading output and fuel efficiency among same-class peers. It is being hailed as an eco-friendly option in the 2.0 liter class passenger diesel engine market, a segment which has been experiencing the fiercest competition among global automakers.

The R-2.0 engine benefits from the third generation common rail system and is equipped with numerous new technologies such as the 1800 bar Piezo injector, highly-efficient electronic variable turbo charger and a particulate filter that is directly attached to the engine.

The engine also boasts performance far above same-class vehicles, with maximum output of 184 horsepower and maximum torque of 40.0kgm. At the same time, it also offers class-leading fuel efficiency of 15.6km/l.

In addition, the Sportage’s diesel R-2.0 engine comes with environmentally-friendly technology and competitiveness as it satisfies Euro-5 emissions standards which are one of the strictest environmental standards.

The strong and earth-positive passenger diesel R-engine is without a doubt, the heart of the Sportage!

Theta II 2.0 Gasoline Engine
Seung-seok Lee, Sr. Research Engineer, Gasoline Engine Design Team

The Theta II 2.0 liter engine for the Sportage is the internationally recognized World Engine. However, Kia Motors engineers were not content to rest with that fact and applied an array of optimized new technologies to fine tune the Theta II engine for the Sportage.

The newly reborn Theta II 2.0 liter engine is equipped with new technologies such as Continuously Variable Valve Timing (CVVT), VIS (Variable Induction System) and a cylinder head that lowers the exhaust temperature. As a result, the engine offers class-leading performance of 166 maximum horsepower and 20.1 kgm maximum torque. Now let’s take a closer look at some of the new technologies featured in the Sportage.

First, the CVVT enables optimal intake/exhaust valve timing to improve fuel efficiency and reduce exhaust gases like hydrocarbon by up to 30%.

The variable induction system is a technology that controls the intake port by engine speed ranges (mid-range, low/high speed) to enable optimized performance throughout all driving speed ranges.

Lastly, the cylinder head that reduces exhaust temperature enhances the heat transmission of exhaust gas by increasing the heat transference area of the engine’s combustion chamber. This reduces the temperature of exhaust gas and can improve fuel efficiency during high-speed driving by approximately 3%. In other words, it’s a technology that reduces the temperature of gases emitted outside the vehicle to enhance fuel efficiency.

There are many other new technologies present in the Theta II 20.0 liter engine that contribute to its excellent power and fuel efficiency. Listen to the strong “heartbeat” within the Sportage!

※ Editor’s note: Power/torque/MPG figures may differ by region.

  • Greg

    Hey, 166 HP out of the Theta 2.0L is only 10 away from the 2.4L! Is the 2.0L R engine US certified? We NEED a diesel Kia in the United States. I am sick of telling diesel customers to go to the VW dealership. What does that say about Kia as a company??

  • I have been working a lot with Kia Motors of America and I am extremely impressed with the Sportage. I know that in terms of the availability of diesel I believe that the 2.0L turbodiesel would be an excellent engine for drivers in my area. (Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio) diesel is prevalent here and many people have had years of experience owning diesel vehicles. I believe that Diesel can work here in the States and I think the new generation of common-rail diesels offered by Kia could be a more reasonably priced option compared to Volkswagen, Audi, etc. I really hope it is considered as an option because personally would buy a Kia Diesel Sportage in a heartbeat.

  • @Tyler –> This is great feedback! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  • Attaboy

    What is the price difference between similar équiped Sportage theta II 2.0 and Diesel R-2.0???

    not supposed to be the 3.4 GDI in north america?

    Forget the 2.0 Turbo 274 HP in north america…. Kia have promise similar Turbo engine in Forte Koup when they launch the Koup concept and never appear!

  • Attaboy

    “not supposed to be the 3.4 GDI in north america?”
    i mean 2.4 GDi sorry for typo!

  • I work as a journalist I would love a chance to prove that owning a Diesel Kia is easy no matter where you go. Especially adding the towing ability to a small CUV would be amazing. Is there anyway that there could be some brought here specifically for a real world viability test? I believe 6 months with the car here would be enough to prove that people are interested as well as able and willing to find diesel and even B20 biodiesel to power their vehicle. Thank you Kia.

  • Boris

    does the 2.0 L theta II have the timing chain like the 2.4?

  • diesel engine option required in CANADA

  • Attaboy

    just ok to pay 5 000 $ CDN more for the same model option to have the 2.0R diesel engine?

    the 2.4 Theta2 is a “stroked” 2.0 basicly the same engine, same chain timing system
    very good engine, have it on my Rondo 2.4 EX 2008

  • Greg

    All Theta, Gamma, Lambda and Tau gasoline engines have timing chains. Beta, Alpha, Delta, and Mu engines all have timing belts, and they all must be destroyed! Oh, and I love how Kia officials always ignore questions or comments that have anything to do with the availability of diesel engines in the USA.

  • Boris

    In case you missed my earlier inquiry, does the 2.0 L theta II have the timing chain like the 2.4?

  • Attaboy

    i said “the 2.4 Theta2 is a “stroked” 2.0 basicly the same engine, same chain timing system”

    in USA for the moment only the Theta II 2.4 non GDI (176 HP) is available
    an error is printed on the specs at Kia usa website , they says aluminum head and sell iron block
    this is false… this engine is all aluminum !

  • Hello Author could I quote some of the information from your post if I post a link back to your blog?

  • Colin

    @ Noel

    Sure you can. Please just open the source in your post then it will be fine. :-)

  • Colin

    @ Boris,
    As Attaboy answered above, both Theta II 2.0 & 2.4 have the same structure, only the difference is its displacement.
    Thanks :-)

  • Colin

    @ Attaboy

    Thank you for your keen interest in Theta engine lineup. Also we will have our colleague fix the wrong info about Theta engine ASAP.
    Have a nice day!

  • Colin

    Hello Greg,

    As you know, we don’t have plan for launching diesel engine in the U.S.A market yet.
    But we will forward your opinion to our Product Planning Team.

  • S.R.

    Listen up Kia folks,

    I am a long time VW owner/fan. I am seriously looking at the JSW TDI, or other Diesel equipped wagons or compact to midsize SUVs.

    Now, I just learned about your 2011 Kia Sportage. I want to tell you this, please bring in the Diesel version to the U.S. and give a press conference quick! I will buy one in a heartbeat. I can wait for no longer than one year. Otherwise I will go with the JSW TDI.

    The bottom line is, I want a practical high efficiency wagon or SUV. Kia Sportage Diesel will fit that bill perfectly. The only one seems available now or to the next foreseeable months is the JSW TDI.
    If you offer 2011 Kia Sportage Diesel in the U.S., you will get my business for sure. Of course there are Audis BMWs and MBs with diesels but they are not as value-packed as the VWs.


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