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Many Kia “Unveilings” at Los Angeles International Auto Show November 21st, 2007

Beverly BragaBy Beverly Braga
Public Relations Analyst
Kia Motors America

Making its first appearance at the Seoul International Motor Show earlier this year, the KND-4 concept vehicle made its way to the United States’ west coast for a North American debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show on November 15.

Cloaked in a sleek Luminous Green, the three-door compact SUV featured a 2.2-liter Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) clean diesel engine and presented an athletic stance with its 20-inch wheels wrapped in 245/40R20 low-profile tires, which fitted tightly under flared wheel arches. The stylish front end, which featured LED headlights, provided a bold hint at how Kia SUVs of the future may look like. However, the KND-4 wasn’t the only thing Kia “unveiled.”

LA International Auto Show

Alongside the Soul concept vehicle, the KND-4 was showcased on an all-new North American auto show property. The display was hidden during introductions behind a kabuki-style curtain, which later dramatically dropped to reveal the beginnings of the “New World of Kia.” Its European-inspired design and elegance signals a change in direction for Kia, one deeply rooted in attitude as opposed to being simply a slogan or theme.


And on stage, presenting the concept vehicles and display was Kia’s new President and Chief Executive Officer Len Hunt. Four days into his new role (Len was previously Kia’s executive vice president and chief operating office), Len showcased exuberance and high spirits during the presentation, which he conducted with Ian Beavis, vice president, marketing, and Peter Schreyer, chief design officer for Kia Motors Corporation. The “New World of Kia,” cemented by the stylistically energized KND-4 and Soul concepts, inspired the more than 400 press conference attendees and further solidified Kia’s journey toward creating vehicles that exude pride and passion.

  • ulrike hager

    Congratulations Len Hunt, now I am sure that there are great things for Kia to come. What a team…..u

  • I’m really interested in the aftermarket performance parts used on the Spectra5 SX concept that I saw. I wish there were more performance parts for my car since I own an 06 Spec5. There just isn’t very much growth from the aftermarket industry for our cars. Will the parts that were used be available for purchase through the dealerships? That would save owners like myself plenty of time, money, and energy trying to find parts for the cars we own if we could go to the dealership and get them. This sounds a little like the Scion concept of operations but it works for a lot of people. Why not Kia?

  • Ian Beavis – Vice President Marketing – Kia Motors America

    Steve, we have alot of accessories in development and use SEMA cars as a lab. We have had an amazing response to the Spectra5 SX SEMA concept. In the next 12 to 18 months you will see more accessories for both Spectra and Rio become available through Kia Dealers. The activity will really ramp up with the introduction of Soul in early 09.

  • I understand that but where does it take us?
    When there’s a will, I want to be in it. :)