May Kia Fan Photos of the Month May 22nd, 2013

It’s already time for Kia Fan Photos of the Month. It was tough picking out our five for May, so if you weren’t chosen, don’t worry. Your time to shine may come sooner than you think, so stay tuned and keep submitting.

I’m Mike from Massachusetts. This is my Spectra that I race in autoX. I’m also a regular at

Mike, we can see you got the need for speed, and can smell that rubber burning on your Kia Spectra (also known as the Kia Forte/Cerato). Be sure to tell us more about auto X racing when you can! And stay tuned for an upcoming Kia-Buzz story on Mark Ingalls, founder of

Hi, I’m Alex Wang from Malaysia. I love to take photos of my K5 and this one I took while I was driving back to my hometown….

Hey Alex, your Kia K5 (Optima) sure looks cool under that shade. Please keep sharing photos of your K5 throughout your journeys.

My name is Alvis. I’ve been working here in Dubai for many years, and it’s my first time owning a Kia and I love the features and the look of it. So happy to have you Kia, thank you so much.

Alvis that is one hot looking Rio 5 door in the Dubai desert. Have you seen our Kia Cerato photos shot in Dubai? You should check it out here:

Hi, my name is Frank from Las Vegas, NV. This is my 2011 Kia Optima SX. Love it!!!

Frank, looking smooth with those shades under that sin city sun along with your Optima SX in Corsa Blue.Thanks for sharing!

Hi there… I’m Fauzi from Malaysia. I own a Kia Forte 2.0 (4 speed). I’m so proud to see this Kia Forte in front of a Pyramid during my visit there last month… Chills… Kia is awesome…

Wow Fauzi, your Kia Forte sure gets around! It’s now the 8th wonder of the world! How did you manage to take your Forte all the way to Egypt? We’d love to hear this story.

This wraps up May’s fan photos, but be sure to keep checking in with us to see if your Kia makes the list in the future.

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