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Meet the Kia cee’d Family – Designed, Built and Sold in Europe May 20th, 2013

The Kia cee’d family offers a host of attractive and alluring benefits covering design, technology and safety. Each model is engineeredto meet our highest quality standards and you can see this in every detail. The cee’d range has a streamlined, sophisticated and unmistakably unique look, which was skillfully conceived by Kia’s award-winning Chief Design Officer, Peter Schreyer, and his European design team. In fact, all members of the cee’d family earned the coveted red dot design awards earlier this year with the Kia pro_cee’d earning the ‘Best of the Best’ distinction.

Can you see the signature family look?

The Kia cee’d family also offers a host of clever technologies, like Adaptive Xenon headlights, 7” LCD TFT instrument cluster, Smart Parking Assist System, Lane Departure Warning System and touch screen audio with rear view camera.

Inside the cabin, the touch quality of the surfaces and fabrics are matched by the superior craftsmanship of fittings and the ergonomic controls.

Kia cee’d family is well equipped with a proven system of active and passive safety features you can count on. After all, you are transporting the most precious cargo there is – yourself and your passengers.

How about overall value and performance?

We’ll leave this one to the experts. Back in February, the renowned German automotive publication ‘AutoBild’ did a comparison of 20 compact vehicles and guess which one beat out makers like Ford, VW, Honda, Toyota and Mercedes for the number one spot? The cee’d!

We’ve also invested in green technologies focused on reducing fuel consumption and decreasing weight and friction of all engine types in the range. So rest assured that cee’d will help reduce your automobile foot print on the planet and your fuel consumption with less fuel and CO₂emissions for every mile driven.

Which member from the Kia cee’d family is your favorite? Here are the results from the current Kia-Buzz poll as of May 20, 2013.

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