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My dad works at Kia! – Back to school with my kids and my Soul! October 30th, 2009

By Vision Strategy Team

Applying for the ‘My dad works at Kia’ program
September 3, 2009, was the deadline for signing up for the “My dad works at Kia” program. Around 3,000 employees applied for the program during the month long sign-up period, and each applicant had their own unique reasons for wanting to take part. The stories impressed the reviewers and made the selection process especially difficult.
“I want to create a special experience for my son who loves cars,” said one employee.

“I want to make up for only being there for my children on weekends.”

“I want to thank the supportive classmates of my son who has special needs.”

One application was particularly moving, “I am curious to see how well my son gets along with his classmates as he is currently battling leukemia.”

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Dads visit their children’s schools
September 19 was the first day of the “My dad works at Kia” program, held at two elementary schools in Gwangju and one in Yeoju (both cities are located approximately 3-4 hours south of Seoul).

Parents who visited the schools shared stories about what they do at Kia, the process of making a car, cars of the future and car safety.

The dads who showed such passion about their work in making cars probably looked as cool as Superman and Spiderman to the children. However, children being children, just listening to the dads may have felt boring. That’s why the dads also brought paper models of Kia Soul so they can try their hand at building a car. The experience was made even more memorable with a pizza party prepared by the dads.

I’m proud of you, dad
The biggest satisfaction was likely felt by Kia employees who provided a special experience for their children, after always feeling sorry for not spending more time with them.

Upon their return home, the children went on and on about how much fun they had that day and how their friends envied them for having such a cool dad. The dads will have felt renewed pride as a parent and as a Kia employee.

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