Nadal vs. Alien May 23rd, 2008

Jay Jungyub YooBy Jay Jungyub Yoo
Global Online Marketing & CRM

Today’s media environment is continuously changing, and our customers are increasingly exposed to new forms interactive media such as mobile, social media, blogs – just to mention a few. It is the era of new media, indeed.

All advertisers are trying very hard to find unique mediums in which to deliver their key messages and promote their brands. It looks like just “being unique” seems to be easier than “being effective” sometimes.

Kia Motors, likewise, has been trying to be proactive by utilizing a prudent combination of new media to reach out to our customers who are young-at-heart. This blog, the Kia BUZZ, is an example of those new experiments. As our customer base is young-at-heart, adventurous and fun, we feel this is an effective, and exciting, way to communicate new ideas and projects to you all. It also leaves it open to having two- and three-way communication among those on the blogosphere.

I’d like to show you our promotional film, only available on the web, entitled “Nadal vs. Alien.” Enjoy!

– Notice –

Upon review of the comments received via the Kia BUZZ, we have removed some content some may find offensive from the original video and present to you our reedited version.  For your information, this video is online viral content and not a television advertisement. We thank you for your continued interest in our company and products.

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  • Chris

    Dude… what the… lol

    The euro ford fiesta is headed to the united states for under 15 grand and the cee’d will probably do a good job of countering it. Hate to mention something the guys in charge have already thought about, but seeing how Hyundai has multiple manufacturing facilities here, isn’t a feasible proposition… I don’t know the whole picture, I just like the pro c’eed.

  • This is hilarious!! I’m definitely going to send this link to all my friends!

  • scola

    cooliest animation !!

  • Rene Petzner

    I really like this crazy video – fits perfect to our targeted exciting & enabling brand image! Would it be possible to get it as mpeg-file? Congratulations!