New Habits to Cut the Cost of Driving April 30th, 2009

By Pamela Muñoz, Assistant Manager
Overseas Communication Team

As the recession deepens and the cost of car ownership continues to rise, motorists around the country are beginning to look for quick and easy ways in which they can save money when it comes to their car, and in particular, their driving habits.

The way we drive can have a massive impact on our car’s fuel consumption levels and implementing a few simple changes can be all it takes to save those precious pennies. Follow these tips on economical driving from Kia Motors UK to cut the cost of driving and pocket the change:

• Drivers should regularly service their cars to ensure they are in tip top condition. Factors such as tire pressure and engine oil can affect the level of fuel efficiency

• Driving smoothly, accelerating gently and sticking to the speed limit will keep fuel consumption low. If you look further ahead and anticipate traffic you won’t have to do so much braking

• Try to avoid stopping and starting as it increases the level of fuel consumption. Be gentle with the pedals!

• Cut fuel wastage by avoiding leaving the car running unnecessarily before a journey and planning the shortest route beforehand

• Avoid using air conditioning when travelling below 50km/h (30mi/h) – open the window instead, you’ll be surprised how much fuel that can save

As well as saving money, economical driving can also help the environment. At Kia, we’re committed to provided fuel-efficient vehicles for the ever-changing marketplace. We hope these tips can further maximize fuel consumption which will undoubtedly translate to fuller pockets and wallets!

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    To ken wilks

    We are sorry for late reply.

    About your question, we are developing CVT.

    But it will be belt-type CVT not toroidal type, for instance ‘Torotrack’.

    You will see our CVT soon!

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