New images of the Kia N° 3 Concept Car February 24th, 2009

By Seung Hwan Lee
Kia BUZZ Editor

The 79th Salon International de l’Auto which opens in Geneva is just a week away! It’s about time we released new images of the all-new MPV concept, the Kia N° 3 Concept Car, in train of the first release. Check out the new images below and make sure you download them.  For more information refer to our official press release.

In addition, be sure to come by again at Kia BUZZ on the 3rd of March to check out the new promotion film and additional photos of the Kia N° 3 Concept Car, or use our RSS reader to received updates!




  • Mark

    WOW This is such a cool concept and hopefully will get into dealerships soon, Could this finally spell the end for the Carens? Let’s hope so!

  • Pamela (Seoul)

    We’ve seen a lot of comments online by reporters and bloggers, both positive and negative.

    Are there no comments from BUZZ bloggers?

    I love this wrap-around roof/windshield! And the details in the seats are fantastic. It’ll look great at the Kia stand in Geneva!

  • This is a great looking concept Pamela! It is as attractive as anyother concept Kia has designed lately.

    What I’m affraid of is, the production model will loose one of it’s best parts- the grille! We have seen prototypes on some spy shots and the production ready model does not feature this wonderful grille that concept has. See here:

    If you ask me, this grille design looks so good that it should be implemented to just about every Kia that exists. It’s a huge improvement over the chrome H-shapped grille we have seen on the 2009MY Optima, Forte or Soul.

    I still hope, it will make it to production though.There’s still some time to make some changes, am I right?

    Other than that, the car will rock, just like any other Kia that has been launched lately! I’m pretty sure of that.

  • Sorry forgot to tell my name in a comment above: himi from KIA-WORLD blog. Cheers! ;)

  • Jazzanova

    Looks like a possible 3rd generation Picanto to me by the size and sitting capacity.

    Style, sexiness, price range and mobility effectiveness. What’s not to like about KIA?

    Great concept and hopefully, this will not take another 5 years or more before the company decide to make it a production car.

    Indication of future greatness of KIA Automotive development.

    Great job!!!

  • Pamela (Seoul)

    We’ll just have to wait for the answer to the grille question, won’t we?

    Speaking of grilles, though, as we’ve seen in our recently launched models, there is a distinctive look to the front grille of Kia vehicles. This look will be incorporated across the entire Kia line-up and was first introduced with the 2009 Optima (‘Magentis’ in some markets). The fog lamps and lower front grille were enlarged and the headlamps narrowed to create an aggressively sharper look. We’ve seen this referred to as the “tiger-nose” grille – rrowl!

    We can expect to see this distinctive new styling in our upcoming production models to separates Kia from other vehicles on the road.

  • Weis

    heyyy, nice idea, thanks for everything.