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New rendering images of concept car ‘POP’ September 27th, 2010

Here are more images of the all-new electric POP concept car which will be on display for all of our fans at the Paris Motor Show from October 2nd to October 17th (Press days: September 30th and October 1st).


  • jtz

    I like it but I would like it better if it was a premium sedan like the Chevy Volt’s size. Keep this little bity car. I live in the States, and I just think cars this size is pointless. The only thing I like about is the technology. Now if you guys can transfer all that electric technology on a much BIGGER sedan. I want to see Kia shut up that chevy Volt that GM keeps bragging about. This can’t do it its too small and doesn’t seat 4 like the Volt does.

  • Amazing E-Car and by the way were the tiger nose….

  • Daniel

    Kia, setting the standards for the future

  • Charles

    Great Images! Are there rendering images in better quality avaliable or even as
    vector graphics. That would be sooo perfect. I’m doing my graphic design exams about e-
    cars and I decided to take the KIA Pop for my work. Thanks for the reply!!

  • racad001

    saben si este modelo va a entrar a producirse y si tienen pensado distribuirlo en America del Sur, específicamente en Ecuador? Gracias

    Somebody knows if this model will be produce in the next months? and if it will be distributed un Latina America?

  • john white

    very neat suggest a second roof to limit heat, the second roof gives a lift up mini camper section so making it a very multi use car will sell lots if you can get past the australian compliance rules fantastic car

  • Pamela @ Kia HQ

    Hi racad001 –> This is our latest concept model and feedback received from consumers around the world will need to be reviewed before deciding if it is an appropriate model for our line-up.

    Thanks for everyone’s feedback, so far — you’re giving us some great insight! :)

  • Phuoc_KIA

    POP is so beautiful more than expected…so friendly with environment..I love this car

  • Dear Kia,

    All I can say is this:
    If you build the Kia POP concept from the Paris Auto Show, if you import it to the USA, if you make it crash worthy, AND if you can up the top speed of 87 mph to 95… I will 100% lease one.

    …If you can extend the battery life to 170 miles, I will buy out-right.

    Oh, and the purple interior isn’t half bad. I miss the days when consumers had more interior choices for their cars other than various shades of grey, beige, or black.

    I love the wedge/triangle design with the scissor doors and oblong/oval side windows plus the flat rectangle rear hatch.


    Also bring back the Rio Cinco wagonette and produce ye’olde Kia Slice concept from 2002.


    I can see myself cruising the Iowa interstates already in this lil’Devil.

  • I think it looks good, and consistent with my living. Salaries this month I intend to buy it.

    And I’m your friend on Twitter.

    Good luck

  • Pamela @ Kia

    Thanks for following us on Twitter!

    We’ll see what progress is made in the future on bringing a car like this to market. For now, though, it remains a concept vehicle.

  • Djrezam

    oooooooooooooo yes