New Showroom Grand Opening in Oman April 21st, 2010

Colin JangBy Colin Jang
Kia BUZZ Editor

In early March, a grand opening event for Terrain’s newest showroom was held to celebrate the automobile market and Kia’s enhanced sales power in Oman. SAUD BAHWAN Group, one of the biggest companies in the Middle East, has invested approximately $ 58,000,000 to open the new showroom. Oman’s auto market is currently led by Japanese brands so we are eager to expand our leverage with high-quality vehicles suited to the lifestyles of local residents and by offering the best service in the region.

Here are two video clips filmed during the grand opening ceremony. Enjoy!

  • This is magnificent. Congrats Kia and Kia Oman !

  • SH Yang

    This surely ensures Kia oman’s ever stronger position in the market.