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New Sorento, it’s more than new. April 2nd, 2009

Sae Young SongBy Sae Young Song
Kia Design Center

Launched in 2002, Sorento has enhanced the Kia brand image with its popularity in the market in Korea and abroad. The Sorento builds on this strong momentum, but with a more refined style. It is a CUV designed for the urban lifestyle delivering Kia’s distinctive emotional appeal.

Design Factors
The new Sorento’s design incorporates the agility of a cheetah, the minimal lines of modern architecture and hi-tech sophistication. Attention to the finer details and Kia’s design DNA make new Sorento the perfect answer to city living.

Somehow familiar, yet never seen before
While keeping the solid surface feeling of its predecessor, new Sorento incorporates Kia’s Design Identity elements and the latest design trends to project a completely new profile.

For a more stable CUV body, we adopted a monocoque frame to replace the widely used body-on-frame. The result is a lighter vehicle and greater fuel economy, a quiet and comfortable ride usually offered only luxury sedans and a more spacious interior. We increased the car length but reduced the height to create a futuristic stance and elegant proportions.

Another unique feature is the simple lines and form of the side body. The deep character line and belt line emphasize speed and agility, while the two-tone bumper and accentuated wheel volume arch adds a bold and powerful touch.

Kia’s signature radiator grille and headlamp layout convey a harmonious look previously seen in the Optima (Magentis), Soul, and Forte (all-new Cerato).

Touch the driver’s heart
The interior was designed with convenience in mind. Featuring the Kia Design Identity and hi-tech details, it caters to the demands of today’s busy urbanites.

With its carbon finish and chrome details, New Sorento has a sporty feel. We took the cues from images of an invigorating workout on the treadmill and upscale sportswear. Driving at night becomes a more dramatic experience thanks to mood lighting on the door garnish and negative LCD for the audio system, first applied in the Mohave (Borrego). Lower tray lighting of the center fascia provides added convenience.

Other notable Design elements factors include red and bright white lighting for the 3-cylinder cluster and user-friendly audio switch positioning.

A roomy console tray that comes with an extra portable tray (can hold a 14-inch notebook PC) provides ample storage space. A tray is also available under the center fascia.

New Sorento is Kia’s first new vehicle launch in 2009. Satisfaction is not limited to owning or driving the vehicle. The real value of new Sorento stems from the emotional connection between the car and the driver.

Kia designer’s will continue to create new value that reflects customers’ thoughts and emotions.

  • BJD[Boris]

    hey, congrats on this uperb vehicle. very impressive! I have one doubt though. in an article on Kia-world, the following engines were mentioned
    3.5-litre / 277 ps Petrol (USA, Canada, Australia, Middle East & Africa, General Markets)
    Name Lambda 2
    Type Quad-overhead camshaft, six-cylinder in V, with dual CVVT
    Capacity 3.5-litres, (3470 cc)
    Max power 277 ps (206 kW) @ 6300 rpm
    Max torque 335 Nm (247lbs/ft) @ 5000 rpm
    2.7-litre / 165 ps LPG (Korea)
    Name Mu LPI (using LPG liquefied petroleum gas)
    Type Quad-overhead camshaft, six-cylinder in V, with dual CVVT
    Capacity 2.7-litres, (2656 cc)
    Max power 165 ps (121 kW) @ 6300 rpm
    Max torque 244 Nm (180lbs/ft) @ 4000 rpm
    they both mention Quag overhead cams. is tht like four cams over one line of cylinders (equating to 8 valves per cylinder) or like two cams over each line which then adds up to 4 cams?

  • What happened to Peter Schreyer?

  • admin

    To. Dr. Manhattan

    I’m Colin Jang, KMC staff.

    Peter Schreyer is still CDO(Chief Design Officier) of Kia.
    This article was introduced by Song,SaeYoung who is in charge of XM design project.


  • admin

    To. Boris

    I’m Colin Jang, KMC staff.
    To clarify, there are 2 camshafts per line each with 2 cams per cylinder. So, in essence, this means there are 4 cams per cylinders.

    If you have more questions, e-mail me :)

  • Pamela (in Korea)

    I thought everyone would like to see this news report that came out yesterday, just before the New York Auto Show.

    Great review for the Sorento!

  • George Liontos

    Nice looking vehicle, but extremely disappointed that there is no low range and less ground clearance. This vehicle will be next to useless off-road, and it seems that you have turned your back on the few supporters that Kia has. I wish you the best, but my next 4×4 won’t be a Kia. Such a shame, as many Australians were warming up to the brand, and in particular the sorento. This car was the only Kia model that aroused any brand loyalty. Your brand equity was on the way up, but this new model has undone all your good work.

    You should have paid more attention to what your customers WANT as opposed to what you THINK they want. Where were the focus groups? Your marketing people have a lot to answer for..

    And I’m not in the minority. The following forum says it all:

    Farewell Sorento.

  • Boris

    thnx for clarifying tht colin!

  • Boris

    well, Autralia should now get the Mohave since its gonna lose the BoF sorento…

  • Pamela (Korea)

    Boris — Sorry to disappoint, but there are no plans for the Mohave (Borrego) in Australia at this time.

  • Munir

    HI.. I hope New SORENTO will be launched in UAE by the end of 2009. I hope it is correct. Is it?

  • admin


    We are still considering timing.
    But all-new Sorento might be available at least the early of 2010.

    Hang in there! all-new Sorento won’t disappoint you!

  • Hi !
    Please, tell me: New Sorento will be send to Peru with 2.4L engine petrol? And with 2.7L LPG? We are expecting it by July 2009.

  • Does New Sorento come with AWHD full time 50/50 front and rear power train? Or 4WHD with Low,High and 4×2?

  • Pamela in Korea

    Buenos dias Carlos Hernan,

    In Peru, the all-new Kia Sorento will have the 2.4L gasoline engine available but not the 2.7L LPG.

    Also, it is a 4WD system with torque on demand.

  • Alison

    my treat for my husbands retirement was to replace his Shogun with another vehicle. He looked at the Sorento -Titan in local UK Kia showroom (UK) but not available and no stock at central dealers. His other choice is the Nissan X-trail -Tekna which is available.

    A dealer suggested that the “new model will be in UK soon” but no date other than “a few months”.

    Do I tell him to hold off buying or do you have some dates for UK release?

    What would help is photos / specs / info on the new models

    any help would be appreciated

  • Dear Alison,

    Thanks for your interest in Kia Sorento.
    Regarding your first question, you might meet the All-new Sorento in Jan. 2010.

    Please click this link, here is lots of information of the All-new Sorento:

    You can also find high-resolution photographs from Kia BUZZ Gallery.
    I hope you will like the All-new Sorento!

    Have a good day!

  • Alison

    Thank you for the links and it looks really interesting

    Not sure if my husband will be happy to wait for 5-months unless this is a certain date for it to come to UK. Is Jan-2010 a certain date?

    What will be the specification? Will it be similar to your local model as in the links you provided, the Sorento-R with 2.2 engine etc?

    What will be the price point? Similar to present UK prices?

    Will your UK agents have a model to look at before Jan-2010 and if so will that be Nov? or Dec-2009?

    Will it come with the low-range switch on the gear-box? This is the UNIQUE difference between the Sorento and ALL the other similar-size 4x4s available in the UK

    Will it be available with manual gears?

    The present Sorento comes in 3-specifications for the UK market and as I mentioned in my first email, there is not a single top-spec Sorento in the UK. In the UK this is an expanding area of sales so is it wise for you to be out-of-stock for the next 5-months? Especially as we are coming up to the UK winter when 4×4 sales become greater as well?

    Such a long break in availability will really hurt your marketing and as your competitors, Mitsubushi -Outlander, Nissan -XTrail and Qashqui, Honda -CRV etc all have stock now, it will be a real problem for you to regain your market position after such a long break.

    I cannot see people buying the present model when they know that a new one is coming out, but I understand your desire to sell all the old models before bringing out the new one.

  • Alison

    Well my local paper has an article in tonight about the new Sorento R and its release date in the UK saying they are to show at the Frankfurt Motor Show on 15 September with UK on-sale in February 2010

    Seems that despite Kia having no stock of the top-range Sorento for sale in the UK, the new “R” will not be available until “on-sale date in February 2010″.

    Well that is 6.5 months away !!

    Is a “on-sale” date the same as “I can buy and drive away” date ?

    The newspaper adds that “prices and specifications will be announced closer to the cars UK on-sale date in February 2010″

    In same paper tonight, the Dodge Journey with GBP-6,345 reduction down to GBP-8,850 Dodge Nitro with GBP-9,750 reduction down to GBP-11,450, Jeep Patriot with GBP-4,950 reduction down to GBP-12,950.

    The other competitors Mitsubushi -Outlander, Nissan -XTrail and Qashqui, Honda -CRV are all making special offers and adding in “free 3-year servicing”, “free 3-years breakdown recovery”, “options added for free”, and discounts of up to 20-percent.

    In all this activity UK Kia has no top-range Sorentos to sell, cant tell when the new one will be out (I will send them copy of my local paper), cant say what the specification will be, cant say how much it will cost. Guess they feel pretty silly and it raises huge questions about Kias commitment to the UK market and their organisational abilities.

    Looks like the many competitors are taking advantage of the missing Sorentos, the information/prices gap and a credibilty issue (“well we have vehicles to sell because we here to be part of UK vehicle market”).

    So my husband has fixed to test drive the Dodges and Jeep this weekend

    Surley your marketing people can see its a huge mistake to leave the UK market without Kia Sorento product for 6.5 months ?

  • Colin

    Dear Alison,

    We appreciate your interest in Kia Motors and we would like the chance to respond with our Kia Motors UK team.
    We will contact you soon.