New Sportage Introduced to European Media in Budapest July 28th, 2010

By Ilona Tzudnowski
PR Manager, Kia Motors Europe

You have a new Baby and you´re proud of it and so what do you do? Well, of course, you introduce it to the world and let them know about the new kid on the block.

Ignoring the fact that Europe is slowly moving into summer break across the continent, Kia Motors Europe invited a few hundred journalists from all across Europe to join us in Hungary for our launch of the all new Sportage in mid July 2010. And despite summer vacations and temperatures approaching 40 Celsius / 104 Fahrenheit in the windless shade, they came, they drove, and they loved it!

In the aftermath of the European launch the “harvest” we see appearing in media across Europe has been really impressively positive thus far! And whilst most colleagues I talk to have been saying how much they love the design and styling of the car, *reading* the rave reviews by expert media results in internal feedback like I heard from a rather new colleague a few days back: “All the praise I am reading about the Sportage and Kia´s progress makes me really proud to work here!”

And since pictures say more than a 1,000 words here are some impressions from the launch.

For more images of the Sportage roaming the streets of Budapest go to the image bank at

  • I love the New Sportage.

  • Not long now. Is this the ‘First Edition” model that we’ve been told about?

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  • jtz

    You guys see on the last picture? The orange Sportage’s backend? You guys see something in common with this, K7 and K5? I do. Look at the reverse lights, they have a design in them, simiular to that on the K5 and K7 sedans.

  • jtz

    The first kia to have a design within a design in the exterior lighting was the Kee concept. Another design lanaguage that evolved enough to make it into production!!!

  • @jtz –> Glad you caught that! Kia is instilling a distinctive ‘design-DNA’ that will be recognizable along its whole line-up. This will help our cars be that much more differentiated when driving around.

  • you advertize with rats thats whats what your going get

  • IN

    It looks very small in comparison to its predecessor..or are those guys in the pic just very tall ???

  • “Look at the reverse lights, they have a design in them, similar to that on the K5 and K7 sedans.”

    Peter Schreyer design signature?

  • Boris

    @IN – It is actually lower than the previous model by 2 inches. Otherwise, it’s longer and wider with a longer wheelbase compared to the previous model.

  • @IN –> Boris is right, it is shorter than the 2nd generation Sportage. Height was lowered by 60mm. Length increased by 90mm, width increased by 15mm (doesn’t include side mirrors) and wheel base also increased by 10mm. These changes also allow for more leg room in the front and rear.