Redefining contemporary luxury – first renderings of the all-new Cadenza revealed November 13th, 2015




We are pleased to share with you the first rendered images of the next-generation Cadenza! With greater levels of luxury and refinement, the new model is scheduled for release in the overseas market in 2016. Check out the renderings and preview the luxurious and bold features of our newest Cadenza!




Building on the bold lines and progressive style of the existing model’s popular design, the new Cadenza features an elongated bonnet, a wider, lower stance and sharper styled exterior. The refreshed interior cabin boasts a luxurious and spacious appearance, conveying new levels of refinement and sophistication.

Made with the highest quality materials and a modern and progressive interpretation of Kia’s signature style, the next-generation Cadenza is the full embodiment of cutting-edge design and contemporary luxury.




Keep an eye out for more images of the all-new Cadenza, Kia’s upcoming addition to the world’s full-size premium sedan segment!