Escape the heat of the summer with Kia’s cool new HUV August 2nd, 2016


The dreaded summer heat wave is now here and nothing is more liberating this time of year than a road trip to a refreshing destination. With Kia Niro, the hip new hybrid utility vehicle from Kia Motors, scenic drives are not only encouraged but a must-do activity of the season. So hop on and join us for a ride along the coastal highway!




In many ways, the all-new Kia Niro is the perfect getaway car. A combination of eco-friendly and smart, the special features on the Niro adds charm and appeal to the model’s already intriguing vehicular design.



Get up and go with the Kia Niro!


Designed to provide aerodynamic and enjoyable travelling, the front portion of the model to its side door trims has been carefully shaped for a wide field of vision for the drivers and passengers. The acoustic windshield and contoured side mirrors also work to soften wind and road noise while on the road.


With the Niro, summer getaways are closer than they appear


Although seemingly compact from the outside, the Niro is surprisingly roomy within. Boasting adjustable seats with spacious headroom and leg space, the all-new Niro delivers comfort for passengers and luggage alike.


Customizable seats are a useful feature for longer trips


The downside to most hybrids is that the heavy battery located under the rear seats weighs down the vehicle when on the road, ultimately taking away from the riding experience. Kia Niro is an exception to this as a fully-independent, multi-link suspension ensures improved stability and allows rear wheels to absorb shocks independently for an all-around comfortable ride.


Niro delivers comfort on all terrains and conditions


The all-new Niro also allows drivers to switch between two driving modes for a distinctly different driving experience. Engaged with the shift stick, the ‘Eco mode’ allows for a quiet and fuel efficient ride while the ‘Sports mode’ transforms the HUV into a dynamic and powerful sportster.




Where ever you decide to go, the Niro promises a revitalizing adventure!


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